Friday, July 20, 2007


Well this is my first 'blog' - my springboard into the 21st century!

I must admit it is a bit 'scary', actually posting my thoughts, ideas, and experiences for the masses to view? um...
Now that I have overcome my fear, I am attempting to format my page, so please know it is a work in progress. This has felt like the longest week of my life.... for multiple reasons.
1) I have an 18mth old baby that refuses to sleep anywhere but next to me (UGH!). She starts out in her bed, then by 2 am, she has made her way in the middle of my bed. Which might not be so bad, if she did not insist on snuggling right up next to me so she can play with my hair. She considers it playing, I have chalked it up to a rare form of torture.
I keep telling myself she is only little 'once'. Plus, no one will notice the bald spot.
The light at the end of my tunnel - my mother is going to keep my kids Saturday night, so my husband and I can do something fun!!
*(note) I think we are going to floating. - If we value our marriage we must not take a canoe; RAFTs only!
2) the second reason this has been the longest week of my life - I work full time (Dir. of Fin) plus I have to attend meetings in Monday night, our last meeting lasted 5.5 hours. Our meetings are in conjunction with working all day. Plus you are expected to be back into the office Tuesday by 8 am. I love my job, but I hate this part of it. Besides, who can really talk for 5.5 hours - unreal.
3) When did schools in the area begin to start so early? I just noticed my son will begin school on Aug 15th. Whatever happened to starting school after Labor Day? The thought of packing up my family and wandering through the mall or Target to get school supplies and clothes is daunting to me.
I have asked my husband ' cannot we just order all of Rylan's stuff on line and have it delivered?
He responds ' No.....part of getting ready for school is going to get the supplies'.

I responded ' that was part of the process when 'we' went to school - (you know back in the dark ages). Now, Rylan can even pick out his own book bag on line' PLEASE!!. I would rather have my finger-nails pulled out one-by-one than take my 18mth old daughter (Pyper) shopping. She is at that stage, where if she does not get what she wants she calls attention to herself by 'screaming'. You know that piercing scream that could break glass. You know that one that makes everyone in the store turn around and look at you with that look of 'why did you bring 'that' child' shopping. Or they look at you as if they are saying ' what did you do to that kid?' I feel like shouting - 'I told her NO, and she not like it. Who cares!! Keep shopping people she will get over it.'
Alias, we will survive the weekend and even back to school shopping.
I will be back soon.

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