Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I wake Rylan up to get ready for school....he lays sleepy eyed in his bed and says 'Mom, is today Thursday?' He has a smirk, so I know he is playing around. I respond 'Yes'. He smiles and bellows 'No, you don't your days of the week.' ha! He is in first grade and loves to think he is smarter than all of us.
Me - 'why?'
Rylan - 'because, I want to know when it is Friday. Because I don't have to go to school. You know, because we are going to Arkansas to see U. Matt. When does our plan leave.'
Me - ha!! Plan. What makes you think we are riding a plan?
Rylan - we always ride in a plane. Like when we go to Texas.
Me -Oh. Well, no plan for this trip, we are driving. We are riding with Nana, Pa, and Courtney.
Rylan - YEAH! How may hours is this trip?
Me - too long. about 6 or so hours.
Rylan - Yeah!!
Me - get out of is Wednesday and we still have two more days to go before we pack up to head to Arkansas.
Rylan - begins to sing as he gets out of bed 'Arkansas, I am going to Arkansas'. As he sings Pyper wiggles her waddle dance. Clapping and spinning in sheer joy, because her brother is singing and clearly happy about something. Who knew Arkansas was so exciting. I sure wish I was a kid again.

A brief smile crosses my face. It is brief, because the reality is this trip is going to SUCK.
Pyper is a terrible traveler. I begin to pray silently - God, give me grace (or drugs) ha!.

Did I mention that DH (Lance) is not going on this trip. Why, because he has baseball tickets. Like I care! I have been trying to guilt him into going. He will have nothing of it. He seems pretty pleased with himself, a full 3 days (the weekend none the less) by himself. I am sure it will be filled with friends and beer. I am JEALOUS.

I am mentally making a LONG list of things for him to accomplish in our absence. I am trying to keep him as busy as possible. I am sure it will be futile, but it is worth a shot. My list will include items such as fix the dryer, pressure wash the deck, put the trim up in our basement etc. His list will include - beer, friends, baseball and hot dogs. (silently I hope he chokes on his dinner). With love from AR.

If you see me on the news - don't be surprised. It might read something like this ' St. Louis women jumps from a moving mini-van.'


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