Friday, August 17, 2007

Going, going - GONE

The title - that is how I feel these days.
I have been going, going and now I am spent.
Rylan started school Thursday. Ahh, his first day of First grade. How exciting. He woke up, later than usual, because I let him sleep in. He states ' am I late?' No 'I let you sleep in, because I am going to take you to the bus stop today.'
And with that our day began...........
Rylan ate a breakfast of champions - 1 egg, cereal and a Yahoo!. Pyper ate her usual yogurt and an egg. Then walked around with half a banana. Then we moved on to getting dressed. We laid our clothes out last night, so this was a no brainer. Cardnials shirt, new shorts, new shoes, new underwear. Blast, I did not lay out the socks. (note to self - next time put out the socks too!!). Rylan get dressed and comes into the room where I am putting on my make-up and I half gasp --- Mohawk hair spiked, red cardinals shirt, camo shorts, white shoes and blue socks with Stitch on them. BLUE socks. I asked ' where are your new white socks?' Answer ' I don't know, I am wearing Stitch....... So, I think to myself - do i fight this fight or just leave it alone. Aw, just leave it alone. Who cares if he looks like a clown on his first day of school - he is going with a Mohawk, the teachers prob think the socks are the least of my worries.
So off we go - up the street to wait for the bus.
There is mass confusion with the buses. This year they changed the number of buses coming into the neighborhood and the bus route. GREAT! Bus #24 - that is our bus. I stand at the stop meet the driver and let her know Rylan will be on the bus and get off the bus at this stop. I point at Rylan and say to the driver - remember the hair (MoHawk), on and off right here!! She smiles and nods as if she understands. I tell her thank you then grab Rylans hand and inform him I will now drive him to school. He looks confused - why he asked. Because it is the first day of school. I will drive you and help you deliver the items for your classroom.
Off we go. We tell Pyper bye, and head to school. We pull up to the drop off zone. I get out walk around and ask for a kiss - this is met with an immediate 'NO!'. Half broken-hearted I ask for a hugg....he gives in, but it has to be a small quick one. One quick hugg and off he goes.
there goes Rylan to take on the world. Bright eyes, anxious about starting school meeting his new teacher and new friends. He holds his head high, square shoulders, new book bag, new shoes, and then the double doors close. I am offically a mom to a first grader. I get in my car and begin to drive and cry. Thank you to the village (husband, sitter, friends, family etc) that have helped me raise this child.
He came home and chatted none stop about his first day of school....success!

Yesterday was a really hard work day for me. I have been fighting with my boss for a week now and yesterday it all came to a head. I stood up to him and now I am feeling better. I am hoping to start sleeping better at night, now that I am not playing over in my mind all of the 'what if' situations. If my kids know the whole story they would be proud. This man is a worm and liar....yesterday was another clear indication of that. Check, Mate - bring it on.
Today, I woke up relieved that the weekend is almost here and I can breath again.
This week is going, going, and almost GONE!
We will chalk it up to a good week, but a stressful one.
laugh hard and live well.

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