Friday, August 31, 2007

What? Is anyone sane?

Things have been so weird I am not sure where to start.
As you know I have been planning a trip to Arkansas this weekend - actually today, which turned into tonight. That is right, as of this moment I was suppose to be 1/2 way to Arkansas, instead I am at work. Why, because plans change (and people are crazy!).
My mother is SICK - I mean super sick. She has been sick all week. We (me and my two kids) were suppose to ride with her and my father in their mini-van. As of yesterday, I decided not to ride with them, because my mother is sick.
Why would I place my kids inside of a mini-van for 6 hours (one way) with women who is sick? I wouldn't, so I am not.
So, what to I have lost my ride.
I decide I will drive myself and my two kids (alone). DH has baseball tickets and is not coming. The thought of this is daunting. I would rather gauge my eyeballs out then attempt this.

But in the spirit of family - family going ( my sister, her husband and their 4 kids, my mother , my father and my niece, my cousin, his wife and their son, and me, my 2 kids). I think we are taking 1/2 of STL with us.
So in the spirit of family -once again, because we are going to see my brother, his wife and their 2 kids and his new home. In total there will be 18 of us. The gods must be CRAZY, when they thought this was a good idea.
Perhaps it is karma - as a side note, I have secretly prayed for something to happen so I could back out. Instead, god decided I need to perform this trip by myself. A good swift kick of Karma. Note to self - careful what you wish for!

I have tried to talk my mother out of going on this trip all together. Besides if she stayed home, I could in theory ride with my dad and my niece - problem solved. Two drivers and three kids. But no, my SICK mother will hear nothing of staying home.
She would rather make the trip, be miserable and INFECT all of us. The other 17 people should be furious! I have asked my brother to call her (tell her to stay home), I have asked my sister to call her (tell her to stay home). Alias, she will hear no more. They left an hour ago.

I am not even on the road and I am miserable. How can that be??
I see the writing on the wall..........
This weekend is going to suck. My holiday weekend and I am putting myself in a position for it to suck. Why?
In the spirit of family. My left side says ' it will be fine, your kids will remember this forever'.
My right side says ' screw it, don't go ask them to send you a post-card and just take your kids to the park'.
And as an FYI if (when)my kids end up SICK - I am going to send them to my mothers house.
If you see me on the news from Arkansas the head line will read - 'daughter goes postal on mother over trip to Arkansas'.

God give me grace, wisdom and a new mind-set. Wish me luck, I will need all of the help I can get.

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