Friday, November 20, 2009

A little GOOD

Okay so as I bitch and moan thru 2009 I dug deep to find a little good....good that I thought I would share.

Work - thinks are getting better. I am getting my arms around it more and more each day, and starting to feel like someone who deserves to her paycheck, rather than feeling like a complete moron. That folks is a good feeling, as each day passes I dive deeper and deeper into the 'ins' and out's' of this place. And although it has its dark moments it is by far a better place than my last job. The people are just as nice, the politics still suck, but by far a better place. I am getting grounded and starting to feel like I get it and I belong. Whew - just shy of 6mths in the making. I am thankful to have a job in this market and the recession. I know alot of Finance people are struggling to get work or keep their jobs, I feel pretty secure that my job will be available regardless of the market. The pay is not top notch but the benefits are great, the flexibility is great and the pay is guaranteed - I will take it!

Lance - well I know I don't always have the best things to say about him. It happens, all in all he is a good guy and a jerk all wrapped up in one. Just the way I like my guy! So today after 10 years of being a non-driver he got his license. HELLO folks that is HUGE in my house. He was a drinker/driver and prior to even getting w/ me he had his license revoked for 10 yrs. He had a hardship so he could drive to work, doctors ect. But insurance has been high for us, including the breath thingy in his truck that has to be monitored by the DOR every month for a fee of close to $100. Too say that a huge stress has been lifted would be an understatement - not having a license has limited us in MANY ways. And today, with little to now hoops to jump thru it happened he took his test, got his photo taken and is now legal. OMG! OMG!
If I wasn't mad at him for being, well him - I would jump his bones and kiss his gooey insides.
That folks makes for a great Friday and a good November.
I hope you all get a little ray of sunshine in your day as well.

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