Thursday, August 20, 2009

Another day, another grade higher......

Dear world,

Today I present to you a smiling, humble, shy and sometimes sassy 8 year old.

Each year he becomes more and more confident, and comfortable in his own skin. It is hard for me to imagine that together Lance and I have done this good, so far.

As we begin to step foot into the 3rd grade, I take time to reflect on the last year.

Rylan has had a few trials over the summer and he has rocked them out like a true rock starr. He continues to grow in leaps in bounds, bounce back from surgery, and take his family dysfunction in stride.

His dad becomes his shining light and center for direction more and more each day. *which is a scary thought at times*. As Rylan looks more to his dad, he relies less and less on me. Sure he may need the occasional hug or two, but not alot. He walks around with half my heart as he continues to enter the big world. Him and his dad are bonding over sports, tv, fishing and general boy stuff - like farting. Gone are the days of bottles, baby baths, chubbers, and some good ol' snuggling.

These elements have been replaced with a shy smile, an intense giggle, a heart of gold and a hit of sass.
As we enter the third grade I cringe at how fast the days have gone by, but glow with pride as I watch him wipe my kiss off his lips and hop thru the school doors. He was upset that I drove him to school, he really wanted to ride the bus. But he humored me and let me drive him, much to his displeasure. I figure this is my last year of getting to drop him off and even getting a kiss out of the deal.

As we sit in the drop off line, I make small talk. He admits that he is 'nervous'. That makes me smile. How big he is to understand the emotions that comes with nerves. I tap his hand and tell him it will all be okay, he smiles and nodds - as if already knows that.

So dear world, as you welcome my 8 year old son into the 3rd grade world I implore you to take good care of him. Don't make his heart hard with mean kids, hurtful words, or hard times. Keep his eyes shinning and his smile across his face, these attributes light up my day.
These attributes remind me that I continue to do a good job. Remind him to be nice to others, don't always follow the crowd, and that it is okay to be sad at times. Don't steal his confidence, it has been building over a period of time, but can be brought down in one fail swoop. He is a genetic combo of his father and I so, just take that into consideration as he begins this learning curve.
May he continue to luv his sister with no boundaries, and know that it is okay if he teases her but be fierce when protecting her from others.
Please send him home to me each day with a great story, a happy heart and good friends. These are the years in which he is building a foundation that will support him for a life time.

We are excited for another year of football, learning and struggles.

So dear world.........take care of my son. Love always his mother.


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