Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I have been avoiding this blog thing for awhile now - maybe a week or so.
I have alot to say, but have learned over the last year or two that it is not always ideal to place ALL of my thoughts on this site.
I would like to think that I use this site as my own personal 'bitch session' but the reality of it is - I have avoided the 'bitch session' aspect of it completely.
For several reasons -
1) Afraid that once I put my emotions out there (here), I will never be able to take them back. And, well hell, that is not good. I am the type of person that needs to vent, be ugly, think I am right and then sleep on it. The problem with posting my emotions --well, by the time I have worked them and changed direction. I have already done some damage that I didn't really mean to do.
*this folks has been a hard lesson to learn.*

I have put things out here before that I stand by for the moment they were put out there, but hurt people in the process. And suddenly I am sorry beyond words and cannot fix it.

Bottom line, my head is mucked up with a bunch of BS that has me scrabbling at the moment. And I am half irked that I have to stifle it all. Irked would be putting it lightly.

Part of me needs advice, part of me needs to get it off my chest, and part of me REALLY wants to vent. Any advice for that damn issue?

If you have an issue w/ a friend or family member do you lay it all out here?
*Experience has told me no. *

There have been several conversations over the last few months where either a friend or family member has said to me ' Michelle, please dont' blog about this.' um. Some of the situations, I would have NEVER put out here to begin with - which makes me wish people would give me a little credit. Although on the flip side they really are trying to protect me (I think).

I hope to post photos of Pyper in Rylan in the near future; prob as a filler - until I can wade thru the muck in my head.

I HATE a mucky head, it sucks!


A Buns Life said...

You need a 100% anonymous blog just for occasions like that you don't write in for any other reason but to vent. I think you might know where to go right?

Farrell said...

Okay, friend. Let's do lunch or Happy Hour or something. SOON. Like today/this weekend. I will listen. *hugs*


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