Monday, August 10, 2009

times are tough.

Thank you to bun and Farrell for the response............
Farrell for the record I would luv lunch or happy hour.
I know we keep talking about it we just never seem to get there - I 'think' I am really close to your work these days. We should plan on it in the near future.
Bun - I may need an apt. ; I don't have the link - if you send it that might be good.

The weekend was good. I kept my sisters kids Sat into Sunday early afternoon. I took them to the pool for a few hours. I swear I looked like I was running a darn day-care. It was fun non the less. We got milk-shakes afterwards, ordered pizza then settled in to watch Icarly. My soul needed some down time with the 'small fries.'
Sunday my sister took all the kids home w/ her for a few hours, and Lance left to go brew beer w/ a friend. Bottom line, I was home alone for part of the day. I spent most of it being rather productive....I cleaned out Rylan's closet, got him ready for school. That my friends was quite the chore, but what a relief now that it is done. On the flip side, we will need winter clothes.

Lance has been home for the last few weeks, I think in the last 6 weeks he has worked one 40 week. This is putting a strain on the overall system of my household. Not to mention his attitude. I have him working on a long honey-do list, but most of this requires him spending money as well. *grrrr, such a double edge sword*
Here is what also really burns my a*s. He needs to apply for unemployment, that folks would bridge the gap between my paycheck. He keeps acting like he will, but he has not.
I keep trying to tell him that it is necessary, he acts like he gets it - but once I leave for work there is NO follow-thru. Plus as a added bonus the union will provide a supplement as well. Which could also help. We are not totally down and out, but making ends meeting is a bit tough. A few phone calls and a few pages of paperwork and he could be contributing to the cause.
I know people fight over alot of things, and money is prob at the top.
i guess my issue is, if he knows it is available to him and we in essence need it - why is he not getting it done?
Today I mailed a voided check to the unemployment office on his behalf - even with that it takes two weeks to process. Then he must submit his check stub - or lack there of. When you have zero hours, you don't get a stub. Such a vicious cycle.
I know tough times are hitting alot of people, and I am grateful for my job and its security. I am grateful that I can meet majority of my big bills - we are not going to lose our home or anything else.
But with each week that goes by I lose a little bit more of my husband, who takes great pride in getting up and going to work everyday. He also got alot of joy in bringing home a paycheck. It takes a toll on a person when work and money are taken a way - even for a short period of time.
I know his boss is working diligently to find work, this is not his weight to carry. Time are tough everywhere. And that statement is true for my little world.
On the flip side his being home has made him available for the kids a bit more. Trying to find the siliver lining has to be here somewhere.

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