Monday, August 24, 2009

Football family ?

This past weekend, we attended a lovely football gathering held by our football coaches. In an effort to get to know everyone, they took a photo of each family and posted on their website. Here is our family in all of our glory.

Yes, Pyper is wearing swim goggles - because just like her mother, she listens to the beat of her OWN drum. It was a nice picnic at Arnold park, and we finally felt like part of team. The coaches are doing a really good job at building moral, involving the family and dealing with the boys. There are 21 boys on the team, and after this day, we all felt a little closer to the cause and a little more involved.

To say that it was nice would be an understatement. The picnic was from 3 to 5 - we were there from 2 to 8:30pm.
Perhaps we are a football family..............I feel my heart swaying.
Time will tell.

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