Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Pet(s)....for kids

Okay, so we broke down Sunday and went to the pet store. Actually, we went to two different pet stores looking for the 'right' pet(s) for the children. Pyper was pretty easy, we figured one Beta and she would be good.
She seemed enamored by the goldfish that once resided at my sisters house in a small glass bowl. By enamored, I mean she could not keep her fingers off of them and loved to look at the 'nemo's' swimming about. So in return we bought her a Dory, which she refers to as 'blue ishy'.
I am surprised her blue ishy made it thru the car ride home. She had that ishy all over the place - up, down, sideways and doing circles in the small take home container - just in an effort to catch a quick glance of him. She was thrilled.
* Can you tell she is excited??? Prob not. That girl shows NO emotion - ever. ha!

Rylan on the other hand was no SO easy to please...he was the reason we went to TWO pet stores. First we wanted a lizard - only until mom found out it ate LIVE crickets. um. YUCK. *listen, we all know that the crickets would be lose in my house w/in 24 hours. That is the last thing I needed.* So then we looked at the turtles, only the cheapest one we could find was $100.00 - um are you kidding me; they are FREE in the summer. I refuse to get a snake, they eat mice (either live or dead). Plus, I am not a snake kid-of-girl ; and with my luck Lance would get a job that makes him travel and I would have to deal with the snake. Which would not happen.
Then we found the cutest little water crabs - I mean for REAL cute. We bought 4 of them.
We get home and start putting the stuff together.
This whole process was pretty easy. I bought a 10 gallon tank 2 yr ago at a yard sale for $5.00 - now we have finally put it to use.
The DePew family is proud owners of one blue ishy and 4 water crabs. They all survived the first 24 hours - yippie!
*However I am saddened to say that one crab was dead this morning. Lance called around 9am to let me know. Which is strange because when 'we' told them all goodbye this morning everyone was alive.
I asked Lance 'how do you know he is dead?'
Lance 'he is upside down in the water.'
Me 'um pretty good indication.'
We will replace the little crab today before Rylan gets home - no need to break his little heart just yet. He is just so darn proud of his new pet(s), let's not burst his bubble just yet.

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Raising Z said...

That is great! Good luck to you all :) The crabs are a really cool idea!


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