Monday, February 9, 2009


So last Friday, I go my sister to keep my kids and told Lance we needed to go out.
That is exactly what we did....and boy did we need it.
First we went to the Chocolate Barr - which is one of our fav' places.
We had a martini, and began to talk. See the flood gates opening, and us walking right thru them hand-n-hand.
Damn we have been under alot of stress and pressure. We needed this, both of us. We needed to take a moment, talk, be honest and re-group.
We are better for it - at least for today.
After the Chocolate Barr, we headed to the Gaust House for a German Dinner. Not my top choice, but it was right up his alley. His good mood began to lighten mine. From the Gaust house we went to McGurks for some wine and flourless chocolate cake (to die for!).
Re-group and reconnected. And perhaps a little better understanding where we are both at.....
Things I discovered:
Who knew that he would rather me put in a few extra hours in the evening, instead of going in the office on a Sunday. I had no idea.
Who also knew that he really hated his new boss...I kinda figured, but there it was - he said it, and I could sense the relief.

He seems so haunted by the recession, and the thought of NOT having work. He is terrified, not that I am not, but I have never seen him carry such a heavy emotion as worry.

We spent Saturday at the park with the kids and my sister. Other than my allergies it was a great day. I needed a good weekend, I needed some time to re-group and re-connect. He begins working nights today, so I prob won't see him again until Sat. figures.
For those of you in the lou' this Sat is the dog parade in Soulard - very family friendly. If you are looking for something to do. Oh yeah, and I hear Sat is valentines day......

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Farrell said...

regrouping is impt; i'm glad you were able to!
I forgot about the dog parade; that's a good idea; i have soph this weekend...


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