Monday, February 23, 2009

Update on work;

Okay kids,
So it is sink or swim time...I have mediation scheduled with the EEOC for early march, early in the morning. I have been informed by the mediator that the Mayor & Attorney for the City I work for will be against me and I will be the lone ROCK STARRR!

Time to grow some balls and get this done. I find it interesting that the one man I named in my complaint (my boss) will not show up.
um....very interesting.

Although I am stumped as to why the Mayor has decided to be there.....that is throwing me for a loop. When all of the complaints were filed, they were filed with the Mayor first, you would 'think' he would stay FAR away from this process. To date, I cannot get an attorney to return my call - very frustrating!! One is out of town, and one had me fill out a questionnaire about a week ago. Still now call back. The one who is out of town told me that once I get a 'right to sue' letter from the EEOC they would gladly represent me.
So here is the predicament........
I don't HAVE to have mediation ; the mediator is not there to advise me, protect me or help me thru the process. He has mentioned to me that at any time I can shut down the mediation and request that an investigation be preformed. The mediator stated most work sites do not want an investigation to take place, they are long and expensive.
So here is my biggest dilemma -what do I really want out of this???
um.....the million dollar question.
I guess today, I don't really know.
I really wanted my employer to do their job, treat all of us fairly - which clearly has not occurred.
What else do I want????
Is it too cheesy to ask for money? I figure I 'could' ask for compensation for all 9 of the other employees who also filed formal complaints against my boss. I mean for real, they submitted written documentation against this man - so why is my work not acting on it???
Clearly, I want to get my entire raise, which was not given to me - although I received a high evaluation. The only comment on my evaluation 'you dress nice'. (swear!).
*It should have stated you dress nice, when I am not looking at your boobs.*

Plus, to date, I have no idea where I failed, so I have no idea how to improve...weird! but true.
And here is the kicker - my boss had 8 or 9 written complaints filed against him in late Oct, and he got his ENTIRE raise. Plus he was 'talked' too, along with another male dept head who was 'talked' too off-site once a female employee complained about his vulgar lang during a senior staff meeting. These two men get a slap on the wrist and their full raise. But not me....and I still am not clear why. My boss has violated SEVERAL (like 10) sections of our personnel manual and is still allowed to show up everyday and manage others. They fired a female employee last April for less. What is wrong with this picture?

Time to put on my big girl pants and show up to the meeting.
Plan to drink heavily and perhaps cry no fear in the meeting.
I just don't want to 'show my hand' per say, during the meeting either....if I tell them what I am really after, then they can prepare for it or protect themselves prior to the investigation.


Even if I lose, which is a great possibility - I have to go thru with this. For myself and others.

God speed!

*promise to post later about our newest addition to our family -(NO BABIES - pets!). I have photos and everything.

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Farrell said...

wow. it's hard to know what exactly is going on since we don't know ALL the nitty gritty details but obv politics and sneakiness (on their parts) are clearly at play.

big bear hug for strength
you can do this!
best of luck and keep us posted.


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