Monday, March 23, 2009

Appliance HELL

Tell me, have you been enjoying the weather - if not, then you are living under a ROCK.
Don't go out today (tuesday), it is suppose to suck; but prior to today it was beautiful.
A short run down on our events, which in return lead me straight to appliance hell - with Lance smack dab in the middle of the mess. *I know big SUPRIZ.*

I took Thurs & Friday off work to spend time with the kids while Rylan was on an 11 day spring break. We didn't really have the money to do anything big - so we had a 'stay-cation!'
I took the kids to the zoo on Thursday - we had a blast.
Friday, we took the kids to Purina farms then headed down to Washington MO. Lance went to work that day, when we had decided that he would not - so he didn't get home until 1pm; so half of our day was shot. If you 'think' you notice a bit of tone - then you would be perceptive.
We were suppose to go downtown - that is a far cry from 109 and Washington MO. grrr.

Thursday night I go to preheat the oven, and it does not work. um.
So, I try again. Thinking that I am appliance challenged, so it could just be me.
Turn the knob to 350, turn the other knob to bake - um, nothing again. the oven is NOT getting hot; but the stove top is working. *that is weird to me*
I inform lance that HIS stove is broken. It is his, he does all the cooking - he seems miffed that the oven is broken; thinking that I just don't know how to work it he goes over to turn the knobs.
I stand idly by, eyeballing him as if to say 'told you so!'
He states ' they oven is not working.'
Ahh, well now that we are communicating clearly lets move on.
He 'thinks' it is the thermal cuppol (sp?) - I have no idea, but it sound good.
So he decides that he will take the oven apart to get the part out, then go to Sears and get a replacement part.
The back of the oven is taken off, all of the wires and knobs are placed on top of the counter and he pulls out this long wire longer than my arm with a circle at the top of it. This is code for holly hell, I am sure he has screwed this one up.

So on Sunday with the part in hand and the make / model of the stove he headed off to Sears.
So tell me, how did he end up at Sears on Sunday for 3 hours.
The kids and I made it to church and back before he ever made it home.
He comes strolling in around ohhh - 1(ish); with no replacement part. Sears does not have it. Still he has a receipt - a sales receipt.
Why you may ask - well, he bought a refrigerator while he was at Sears.
Of course, because that is what we needed....a stainless steel fridge to go into our white kitchen. Why did I not see this coming? So he purchases a fridge and leaves it at Sears - because he cannot get it home.
So now I have an oven that does not work and a fridge that I don't need.....(an cannot get home)
Oh, hang on kids, it gets better.
So today, he goes on a wild goose chase looking for the oven part. He makes his way downtown and calls me the part store. this is our conversation:
Lance 'hey michelle.'
Me 'yeah, what.'
Lance ' I am at the part store and the thermal cuppal is $289.00.'
Me banging the phone on my desk asking him ' do we have a BAD connection, I thought you just said over 200.
Lance 'yeah.'
Me 'turn around and get the hell out of there. The damn stove is not even worth that much.'
So now I am the proud owner of a fridge I don't need and an oven that I need to replace.
Now if you remember a few months back we had a stove episode when he switched our stove from electric to gas. You remember, when I thought he was going to blow us all up.
We still have our electric stove in our garage - for safe keeping. Perhaps god knew I would need it, or perhaps Lance is a pack-rat and it is out there with the console tv we have never used. Soon they will all have the nice company of a white fridge - because it too is being replaced; but still works well.

BTW we have until Thursday to get the new, shiny fridge from Sears....Lance is working nights and I am working days. This should be interesting!
Always good times at the DePew household......always.

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Farrell said...

*shakes head in dismay*
Maybe - ahem - you two should make a deal that you can't spend over X amount without consent from the other one? I don't know...


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