Monday, March 9, 2009


Well, today she turns 3 and the other drama queen turns 50.
I should have known that Pyper would share a birthday with the only other girl that could steal her thunder - BARBIE.

Today our little drama queen turns 3, and she is so full of life these days. She wears her emotions on her sleeve, you can tell if she is happy, sad, mad or just needing attention. She is an attention grabber, without even trying. So, imagine what happens when she really 'turns it on.'
Her smile will brighten any one's day, there are times it stops strangers in their tracks. At the same time, her anger and sadness will produce the most blood curling scream, your ears will want to bleed. Quite is not in her vocabulary, neither is dull.

I have determined that she is nocturnal, she does not require a lot of sleep, for fear that she may miss something. Because god forbid she not be the center of attention, even in her sleep.

Last night around midnight I hear 'sshhh, sshhh. SHUT-UP.' Yes, the child was sleeping and sassing someone in her dreams. I sat up and laughed out loud. I walk over to her bed, crawl next to her, smooth her hair and speak softly 'Pyper it will be okay.... ps - we don't say shut-up.'

She is the most comfortable around people that luv her unconditionally, and in her comfort zone she will entertain you to the fullest. She will sing along to the radio, even if she does know the words - she will just make them up, she has no shame. She will dance with all of the other kids to all kinds of music. Her father and brother have her head-banging in the back seat, while I have her getting a fair dose of pasty cline, elvis, foo-fighters, and Mr. Melloncamp. She luv's it all. She is a princess in the making, she luv's shoes, shinny things and make-up.

When asked what kind of a party does she want, she responds 'a present party.' ha! Of course.....

So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Ms. Pyper, and barbie. Barbie will have to take a backseat in our house today. Altought everytime she comes on TV, Pyper breaks out in a scream, as her feet run to the TV and smack dab in front of it she stands shouting 'I want THAT, I WANT THAT.'

The other night she asked her father for a barbie cooter, her father turned red and had to leave the room. She follows behind him whining I want a pink barbie cooter, daddy. Let me translate - I want a pink barbie scooter.
And so it is done - a barbie and scooter for your birthday. We luv you, just the way you are.
Her favorite book as of today: Dr.Suess 'Oh the places you will go.' We look forward to watching you grow, and cannot wait to see the places you will go. God bless.

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Farrell said...

LOVE the last pic - Love the post!
Gee, she reminds me of someone...a little person...Sophie of course!
Sorry but 4 is NOT better than three. God help us when they turn 13. Oh wait, they already act like teenagers!!


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