Monday, March 2, 2009

Shop talk....

I have been gone for a while now - just doing some fly by posting here and there; just to let everyone know that I am still alive.
Alive - if that is what you want to call it.

I am so pissed off at Lance I cannot stand it. I mean the sound of his breath irks the hell out of me these days. And that story is for another day - it is too long to get into today. And as much as I know this man, he never ceases to make me CRAZY and cranky.

Over the weekend we drove to the country to see Grandpa, and spend the weekend with him. Making a few dinners, checking his medication and just spending some time. Well low and behold grandpa had plans. whoa. So we showed up and he was gone, to a bday party which would take most of the day. The boys rode the 4-wheeler while Pyper and I made the 'rounds. We stopped by my mothers tax office to say hi, then moved on to my fathers auto body shop.

This is one of the places that my father is in true form. So there we were in this buchiet building (slightly bitter cold), surrounded by motorcycle parts, paint and 4 metal walls. He works, while I talk. He glances up at a me a few times, as if to remind me that I am rambling or repeating myself. *a habit I cannot help when I am struggling with a situation.

Him and I are discussing my upcoming EEOC meeting. My father is dedicated to helping me out, he is reaching into that network of his and consulting with his version of a 'hot shot' attorney. Now any other time I would be hesitant. Most people my father hangs out are not suitable to date my dog, let alone represent me in a court of law. But if my father does anything right, he protects the women in his life. Money does not run'th over in our lives, nor does it in his, but he would trade a paint job for this mans service - for me, for my protection. *see me glowing with pride.

His work is sought after in the cycle circles that he runs in, and he knows it. He could do this for me and help protect me - or he could do and make some money. Most incidents he would take the money and run as fast as his feet could carry him. But today he was willing to work hard, put his work on display for this so called 'hot shot' attorney in an effort to move this situation forward and it not stall.

Little did he know he would have to endure 2 hours of me taking about the entire situation. Two days later, and looking back, I am sure he was done listening to me after the first 10 minutes - but he entertained me none the less. I talked and pace so much I put Pyper to sleep. All the while he worked on the painted parts in his shop.

The number of incidents and details haunt me to this day, I tried to go over each and everyone of them with him. Why...because I need him to be sure that he believes I am doing the right thing. Because I don't want him to waste his time trying to sell his soul / work to the hot shot attorney without cause. Because I needed him to know - I whole heartily believe in this case; but I am afraid. And if he believes that this attorney will give me good direction, then I have to also believe.

My father is not a pest, is not one who makes phone calls - but he did for me; he called his friend who had direct contact to this attorney guy and pushed the urgent button. very unlike my father. My father pulled the 'friend card' and the basic you own me one card and was able to get some results.

In less than 24 hours I received another level of comfort regarding my EEOC case, from the attorney who is out of town or always unavailable. I was on one phone, and my father was on the other when the call came thru mid Sunday afternoon.

Just Saturday we were having shop talk - me pouring out my heart, concerns and questions. By Sunday 'we' were feeling whole again, and ready to go. Thank you does not seem like enough.

I know he sat thru me talking my head off for close to 2 hours. But just like home, his shop is very comforting to me. It puts me close to him. All we were missing was bob seger playing in the back round, beer and warm weather.

I have watched him from the back round jump through hoops for my brother, sister, niece, aunt and mother. I have said it before, you must pay really close attention to the small things my father does in order to recognize the impact that it will have in your life. He is not out to set you world on fire with big words, long conversation or exaggerated actions - he leaves that to my mother. None the less, he gets things done, always in his own time and his own way. Which is sometimes the best.


A Buns Life said...

I'm so glad....I have been thinking about you and the case A LOT.

Farrell said...

that is a good post. I am hoping it all works out. *hugs*


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