Friday, September 11, 2009

27 yrs old

The things kids say:

So the other night, Rylan was asking for money to buy a DSI.

I looked at him and said 'you got any money?'
He looked shocked and replied ' no.'
I replied 'well, it looks like you will have to wait until you get a job. You still owe us for the DS we just bought from A. Misty last month.'
*mind you in order to pay off the DS, he agreed to empty the bathroom trash can, put his clothes away, and take the big trash out to the can. He is 8 - so these chores are appropriate in my mind*.

With a total serious face he looked at me and said ' you mean I have to wait until I am 27 before I can buy anything.'
I laughed out loud ' you mean you are not going to get a job until you are 27?'
Him ' well, yeah.'
Me 'um, you have another thing coming. You had better have a job and move out by 27. '
Rylan ' well, 27 is when I am suppose to be really grown up.'
Me : laughing out loud. Thinking to myself - this kid is never going to move out.
God luv him!!!

I remember the days when I thought 30 was old, well now days they think 27 is old.

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