Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Old enough?

My 8 yr old has an email account...
My 8 yr old has decided he wants long hair (like Jeff Hardy - the wrestler).

This has me wondering who is really running things - apparently not me :).
I review his email, see who and what is going on. You like a concerned, engaged parent should do. But I must admit - I find it odd. He was even IM'ing the other night w/ the neighbor girl.
So as he sits in his boxers typing with his little 8 yr old fingers, I envision him being 15. Not wanting me to look over his shoulder, not wanting to share his emails with me. I am a bit horrified, so I soak up these moments when he thinks I am okay to see HIS stuff.

BTW - he keeps asking for a damn phone. Why? Who in the hell is he going to call. I am adamant about not getting him a phone. Well, that was until Lance took him to the Savis center last month and left Rylan and another kid in their seats while he went to smoke. While Lance was gone some drunk guy sat next to him and started eating his popcorn. The guy was still there when Lance got back and boys had moved two rows behind the guy - they were afraid. It times like this, when I wish I had given him a phone.

Okay moving on - Long hair. It has been my experience that every boy goes thru this stage. I saw it with my husband, with my brother and even once w/ my dad (that makes me giggle). But at 8 - ugh. There is this wrestler w/ REALLY long hair, that Rylan luv's. So now he has decided that he is NOT going to get a hair cut.
How do I go from a Mohawk, which entails alot of hair cuts - to not wanting to get one at all??
Rylan has football photo's this weekend and I told him last night ' you need a hair cut'.
His response 'no.'
I shot him a look and said 'yes.'
He was just as strong back to me 'No.'
I walked away and shook my head, trying to decide if this is really a fight worth fighting......
I don't know yet. I figure he may get really tired of trying to get long hair once his hair is fluffy, I may just wait him out.

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