Monday, September 14, 2009


Sometimes being a sister is tough.
Sometimes it is hard to stand on the sidelines and keep ones mouth shut.
Sometimes you want to be so hopeful.
Sometimes you break and say harsh things.
Sometimes you place a wedge between each other you dont' know how to remove.
Sometimes you don't recognize the person you are looking at.
Sometimes your heart breaks.
Sometimes you cry.
Sometimes you miss the person standing right next to you.
Sometimes you just have to wait for time to heal.
Sometimes you pray a little harder
Sometimes I just don't understand.
Sometimes I fail at not being judgemental
Sometimes I fail.......
Sometime loving a person is not enough.
Sometimes there are just no words.

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Anonymous said...

Life is a learning process
None of us have a manual on being.

It is by the Love of our Heavenly Father that we have some place to go when all seems to be turned inside out.Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and he sent to earth to be with us mere mortals the Holy Ghost to Guide, Guard, Direct and Protect us.

It is always darkest before the daylight.

Sometimes LOVE is not enough
that is WRONG

You can never love to much
You can never give to much

I know your LOVE runs deep

The light will show thru this darkness

With this I send my LOVE



Nieces & Nephews and Kids...