Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Bookworm hell..

Dear god, I have started reading that 'effing' Twilight series. I am not sure how i got sucked in, but I am in with both feet and it has consumed my entire being. I was up until midnight last night wading thru the pages of the first book.
Over the weekend I asked my 18 yr old niece if she had something I could read. I have finished all of my books and thought she might have something interesting. Her eyes got wide, a smile grew across her normally angst face and an 'ohh, yeah' slipped out of her mouth. Within 15 minutes she in front of me with 4 HUGE books and said the theme is 'vampires'.

I cringed. I am not a sci-fi kind of girl, I am not a gory kind of girl. I am looking for mindless, aimless sexapades, flings and love that ends in the rain with a ring. She provided a side barr of 'it is a love story'. I threw her the 'yeah, sure' glance. She insisted I give them a try and let her know what I thought. Plus she states 'the movie is coming out soon!!' I felt myself puke a little in my mouth - no, not one of those books too. The movie is NEVER as good as the books and normally the books are overrated.

Okay, so I am wrong! I must be a vampire kind of girl. I must be a vampire, love story kind of girl. Did i mention there is not any sex (thus far), who knew they had good books with out sex? Is the writing brilliant, - no. Is the story great - no. Then why am I so enthralled? I honestly have no idea. I cannot put the damn book down, I even dreamt about it all last night.
What in the hell is wrong with me????

I get the story line. And as with most stories I can insert a bit of my life into it all. *Good girl meets bad boy -good girl knows better, but cannot help self. Good girl wins over bad boy on some strange connection level that only they understand. Boy wants to stay away from girl, but cannot. Girl is willing to do just about anything to keep seeing the boy even thought he secretly wants to kill her. yeap, that about sums up my life...in some small book nutshell. *only somewhere along the way, we do insert the sex part...

To make it even more embarrassing, I found out my 13 year old niece is also reading the same damn series. I saw her on Sunday with her nose in a book. I was taken a back to see her curled up with the second book of the series. She commented on how the second book was sad. I told her to shut her pie hole, don't tell me anything. Don't ruin it for me. She smirked, swung her blond/black hair back over her left eye and put her nose back in the book. She spent the entire afternoon reading. I was secretly jealous.....I left my book at another location and could not catch up. I secretly hoped her book would ignite in flames so I could laugh at her, and she could not continue to read about twisted vampires in front of me.

So, either I am too old to be reading this nonsense or they are too young. How could I possibly be flipped out over a book that is making its way into several girl generations of my family. I mean from the over 50 year old mommy type the to the I am angry, black, IPOD generation. They are all reading it or have read it. My 18 year old niece refuses to finish the 4th book, because she does not want it all to end. Her mother will finish the book before she does, and spent a lunch hour providing theories on how it may end.
Last night around midnight Lance wakes himself up. He is snoring in his recliner as usual. I left him there so I would have some company in the living room while i read about vampire love. Once his monster snor shook his head off, he opened his eyes and caught me peering over the top of the book. He shook his head in the 'I cannot believe you are still reading' manner and made his way to bed. As he kissed me good night he said ' good night my little bookworm.' I am stuck in bookworm hell!!! Anyone else here.......anyone else get it?


Jennifer said...

I have read the series (37), my 16 year old daughter has read the series and now my mother (58) is reading the series and is on to my daughter to bring the rest of the books to her. We so get it!!!!

Michelle said...

Thank god.
I was almost late for work tonight....reading the damn book. Now I am at work and haunted by what will happen next.
Thanks for sharing!@!!

Farrell said...

I've always been a bookworm. For God's sake, I take my book with me when I walk the dog.


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