Thursday, September 25, 2008

Love loss??

Today has been tough, I have been pissed off ALL day, and it gets worse with each passing phone call.

First off, Pyper is now sick. The child is home today with her father, so I made it to work. Only, after I paid in boogers and blood to get out of my house. The child was up at 4am, with a fever. I tried to give her the necessary medicine to cure the fever and go back to bed - the child spit it out. My head was about to spinn off. Then said child dumped her cup all over the couch. Angry does not begin to describe my mood. On the second attempt of getting the medicine down the childs throat, i shot it in there, and held her lips shut. Blew air in her eyes until she swallowed. It sounds worse then it was, REALLy. Once her lips could open she was screaming at the top of her lungs. I scooped her up, and brought her down stairs and placed her in the middle of my bed. *the bed where hubby was snoring the night away without a care in the world, while I am dealing with the devil child.
Pyper was back asleep in 10 minutes.
6:00 am, came really early this morning. Pyper whimpered from the moment she got up, nothing pleased her, nothing made her happy. Once she realized that I was leaving and she was not, she was hysterical. I mean HYSTERICAL. For the love of god, give me a drink and some drugs.

You would think this would be the worst of my day, um, well, not so much.
Because most people suck!
My boss sucks, I dealt with him on my way into work.
Then I get to work to find out that a 'family' member has been bad mouthing me and dear ol' hubby.
Can we say final straw???
I personally tried to call 'said' family member, and luckily he was not home to answer his phone, because I had a ear full for him. Then, after some further thought, I called my hubby and told him to handle it. It is with his side of the family anyway *which sucks.
I have been more than tolerant with this particular relative, I have bite my tongue on more than one occasion, but no more. I.Am. DONE.
So this particular family member has major control issues, major drinking issues, and frankly just sucks. He is not happy unless he makes everyone around him miserable. I refuse to get sucked up into his warped world. Apparently his 18 yr old daughter has gotten her self into a bit of trouble, while away at college. His daughter is my niece, whom I stay in contact with. He has taken it upon himself to tell his father, sisters and the whole town that the reason his daughter is in trouble is because of the manner in which Lance and I have influenced her.
*see eyes roll in back of head, and middle finger flipping up.
My words to him: *Hey dumbarse - you are the parent, she is kids. She will make dumb decisions, she will drink & drive, she will go to the bar, she will have boyfriends, and she will not obey your every wish.
If you choose to blame anyone perhaps you should look in your own household. You know the one that you created with fear, beatings, cruel words and control. Your being a control freak, and a piss poor dad is the reason she is acting out, the reason she is not talking to you. When you say things like 'your hips are getting big, it must be from spreading your legs.' You can imagine what that does for your childs self esteem. Not that you ever cared, you preferred that she never had a sense of self or worth. You want to blame me. FINE. I can take it, but be big enough to pick up the phone and tell me about it. Ohh, that is right. You are not that big. You are only a big talker, who persuades with anger, punishment and fear. Those tactics don't work on me, you know better than to call me, because I would tell you to kiss my a*ss.
I feel no love loss between us. I am sorry that my husband is subject to you as his brother. This is not the way brothers and sisters act. You are a poor example for a parent, friend, husband and brother. Shame on you.
I am not always right, not always sane, not always on target. But i have tried and am done with you. You are toxic in my world. You spineless fool. There is no love loss between us, as your world falls apart I pity you. May your 'god' save your soul, as you continue to live your lie and spin your web of lies, it will catch up with you. As you continue to be jealous of other people, their possessions and their loving relationships - it will catch up with you.
I sleep well at night, loving my husband and my family. I have enough love for yours as well. Your daughter needs someone to lift her up, and embrace her - the good, the bad, the ugly and the mistakes.

*thanks for letting me rant, I feel better!!

I am really tired of the toxic people in my life. I cannot get away from this man, but I refuse to be a part of his control game. Lance did call his brother today, and his brother did tell him that he was saying all of those things about us. Lance just said ' if that is how he feels Michelle then there is nothing we can do about it.'
Why are men so damn dumb? Well, at least his brother knows we know.......let the games begin.


Lisa said...

"your hips are getting big, it must be from spreading your legs."

Wow. I mean.... Wow!

And he's blaming you guys for his daughter's issues?

Wow. I am speechless. You have amazing self control. You've known him awhile and still haven't hit him over the head with something...

Farrell said...

You poor thing. Go home and make yourself a martini!
You deserve it!

Michelle said...

You know this post is really just the surface of how fowl, rude, and twisted this man really is. To say he is toxic is putting it lightly.

Yes, he said that to his daughter a month ago. Classy.

Jennifer said...

Toxic people suck but toxic family members really suck!!! I admire your self control!

A Buns Life said...

I'm sorry....It's wonderful that you are there for your niece. It sounds like she needs a good role model and someone to build up her self-confidence and self-worth. Don't leave her...


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