Monday, September 15, 2008

Short & Sweet.

Okay so there is too much going on to really write about today.
I am crunched for time. I have a ton of photo's to share, and a few stories, grips, etc.
All in due time, dear audience......I am swamped, cranky, pms'ing and I have a meeting tonight to prepare for - which is going to suck the life out of me.

So in the mean time I thought I would share the things that make me smile:

1) Here Pyper on the potty. note: if you must poop- then be pretty while getting it done. Black pumps are so in this season. If she is anything, she is stylish.

After you are done, being pretty on the potty walk away very lady like in your spiked heels. 'click, click, click down the hall she goes.'
*for the love of god, even I dont' really wear those shoes, they are killer.
Here is recent photo of my football player. He is jazzed up and ready to go. Thank god you are having a good time, because it has been a learning curve for us.

Praying for this day to be done!!!!

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