Friday, September 5, 2008

Shake the money tree.......

We have money tree in the back yard that apparently we shake and money just falls off of it so we can spend and give it away. Who knew?
Yesterday I get a call from Lance and here is how it goes:
Lance - 'Hey, can we loan Marty $500.00?'
Me - 'For what?'
*mind you Marty is a good friend, married with one baby and one on the way.
Lance - 'He wants to buy a mud-truck and is $500.00 short. He told me I could be half owner, too.' I can hear the glee in his voice.
Me - my tone is ice cold, because apparently hell has frozen over. ' um. how exactly does one share a truck? Who pays for the parts when it breaks? Who claims it on their personal property tax? Who gets to keep it at their house?'
Lance - 'I don't know. Michelle, you are making it more complicated. I mean really, how cool would it be to have a mudd- truck?'
Me - 'Where do you think we are going to get the $500.00? And why would he ask us? Why not ask his own family? Lance this is not really a necessity in his life either, it is not as if you are asking me to help him buy a car to get back and forth to work.'
Lance - 'Well, he said we really were his last resort, he hated to put us in that position. But if he doesn't get the truck today it will be gone. Once he sells his white truck he will pay us back.'
Me - 'yeah, because big white trucks are the going rage these days with the the gas prices. By the way we only have $50.00 in our savings up here. We are already struggling to make ends meet, since have only been working 15 hour weeks for the last 3 months. The only way you could get the cash is to take it out of the kids college fund.'
Lance 'Let me ask Rylan tonight about it, then.'
Me - Anger in my voice- 'are you kidding. You are not going to ASK Rylan. We are the decision makers,not him. Are you really going to take from your kids college fund so a friend can get a truck that he does not need?' ...ugh.
Lance ' He will pay us back. He said so.'
Me ' Oh, that makes it all better.'
Lance ' I will just tell him YOU said no.'
Me 'Grow some balls. If you want to tell him I said no, then fine. But you really should be able to make a better decision. Would you like me to go out back and shake our money tree, pick up the hundreds that fall off and give it away to Marty. I am sure we will earn some major friendship points.'
Lance ' Never mind. By the way, please don't curse or use that tone, I am in an office building working today, and we are on the nextel two-way.'
Me 'Isn't that an 'effing shame.'
I sit at my desk, appalled that I even had to have the conversation. Share a TRUCK. I assume he smoked his crack pipe this morning. *not really he does not smoke crack, but at times I wonder.
An update from football hell, because I know you all cannot wait to hear what happens next!
Well, we have our first game this Saturday, that is the good news. The BAD news it is at 8am in the morning. I know you are on the edge of your seat, it gets better!! The game is in DeSoto (1/2 hour away, if we drive like crazy heads), and we have to be there an hour EARLY. Do you know what that means? That means we have to drag our arses out of bed around 5:30 in the morning to get to damn football on the day I SHOULD be sleeping in. I really hope god is paying attention, because I deserve some major brownie points for this one.
Home make over addition is in our little city this week, here is the write up in the post.
I personally know Sam, and they could not have choosen a more deserving man. BTW, Ty is really HOT. I know you wanted to ask!
That is all for now. I must go shake our money tree so we can pay the babysitter and fuel up for our trip to Desoto. *insert sarcasm.


A Buns Life said...

Don't forget about your girlfriends while you are shaking! :) I swear, they just don't THINK sometimes....

Dave actually asked if we could buy a motorcycle the other day...?!? We have talked about it for in the FUTURE. The FUTURE being when the kids are much older and we can leave them at home alone and we can go riding TOGETHER. NOT for now when I would get stuck at home and HE would get to go joy riding by himself. NO SIREE. They just don't think sometimes... :)

Farrell said...

GRRRRRR!!!! The most frustrating part is that he thought it was a good idea!

I gotta try that coffee shop!

Maeve's Mom said...

This just confirms my theory that men just don't think sometimes. Seriously, $500? That's big bucks in our house, I would only loan that to a family member or close friend having a true crisis. Sure as hell not for a mudd truck. By the way, what is a "mudd truck". Also, sounds like football is not so great. There is nothing I would get up at 5:30 on a Saturday for. Have fun!

Jennifer said...

I swear when God was handing out money handling genes and/or sense to men they were in the bathroom peeing on the toilet seat. Men have no clue on how to deal with money!!!

Michelle said...

Thank you ladies for confirming what a crack head most men are...

A mudd truck is a truck that is normally 4wheel drive, prob jacked up a bit and would not pass either inspection or emissions test. Therefore it is only good to be taken to the river or the mudd pits and your drive it until it breaks.


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