Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Hooters? Really...

I am out of town this week (again), attending a national conf in Springfield.
I get to go home tomorrow and it cannot come fast enough at this point. I was sitting in a class yesterday with another younger guy, whom I know well, and he leaned over and stated 'so, how does it feel to be the youngest person around?'

I just smiled slightly, it 'has its pros and cons.' In the same class our speakers name was Mrs. Buschyheadd (SWEAR!!). She was speaking about checking references, doing backround checks att. She stated that in this day and age you can even search google to see what is out there about some one. I laughed out loud. Here is the image in my mind...................
You get a resume from one Mrs. Buschyheadd, you attempt to google one Mrs. Buschyheadd - dear god, you would be fired immed from all of the triple xxx pop-ups. I shared my 'funny' thoughts with my friend sitting next to me, he choked on his soda.
Then I leaned over and told him, as an after thought, I think I would have just kept my maiden name being Mrs. Bushyheadd has to suck, and NO way would I subject my kids to that.
Clearly, I attempt to insert humor whenever I can. Which can be hard to do with alot of these tight-shirts.

So, on to my real reason for this post. The Mayor, yeap the same one that has been subject to my husband and his never ending nonsense. Well, last night we go to dinner with about 7 other people. I ride with the Mayor and 4 other people, in the Mayor's car. One the way to dinner he alternator goes out. Yeap, while driving. First his battery light goes on, then his dash goes dead, then his transmission won't shift, breaks start to shut down, and the power steering goes out. Good times. ugh.
Well, we eat, we make it back to the hotel by shuttling in shifts. We drop off the broken car at the local gas station and call triple AAA. We make our way back to the bar in the hotel. Don't judge, you would need a drink too - seriously, these people tend to SuCK.
While having drinks with a few colleges, Mayor included. The waitress comes to close out the bill, and tells us that she cannot put the tip on the card, she already closed out. Everyone looks appaled. I dig in my purse and give her a tip. Well, everyone around considered it a BIG tip. It was not a big tip, it was a tip over $1.00, but nothing too big. All eyes are on me, and i explain that I was a waitress thru college, and I understand how much these people depend on tips. Plus, if you tip them well, they will remember you and give you the necessary attention. duh.
The Mayor chimes in, 'were you a waitress at Hooters?'
I give him a sideways glance in disgust ' um, no....not so much.'
Mayor ' if not you should have been, you look like a hooters girl.'
I twist my face, reminding myself to KEEP MY MOUTH SHUT. I smile politely, secretly cursing him. What exactly does one who work at Hooters look like?
Don't get me wrong, if you work at Hooters or have worked at Hooters - good for you. They make great money. I just never wanted to wear the waitress out fit, I am not above working there, there are just so many other places to choose from. And I choose to work somewhere else.
Anyhoo............his comment really got under my skin. Am I perceived as a washed out Hooters girl? Mind you last night I wore, jeans, tan boots, a sweater (not to tight) a blazer and my pearls. I was appropriate. Not hooters appropriate. I cannot help feeling as if I took 10 steps back. I am not just pretty girl attempting to work in Finance, and that is just exactly what I felt like last night. I had so many things I wanted to say, but kept my mouth shut. It was not the time, nor the place. But the conversation was very revealing, and I am not sure I like what I see. However, I fear I may never be able to get away from it.....so how does one deal?
Last night, I crossed my legs, smiled back at the Mayor and changed the conversation.
In my mind, I pushed my boobs up to my chinn, lathered my lips up with lipstick, told him to bit me and then flicked my hair in his face. Today, I am going out to find the local hooters and pick up a shirt. I plan to wear it to dinner. Grrrrr......


Farrell said...

I hope you really do wear a Hooters shirt to dinner. That would be HILARIOUS!!!
You could sue him for sexual harrassment and make a ton of $$$ and retire early.
Reminds me of the bill bouchein (sp?) days...

A Buns Life said...

Maybe he was getting you back for all of Lance's boob talk to him....?

I would have had a hard time keeping my mouth shut....good job keeping it professional.

Jennifer said...

You crack me up! I do not know how you kept quiet...I would have lost it!

krissy said...

Oh my Gawd. I am cracking ribs from laughing so hard. Mrs. Bushyheadd? WTF?

I wonder if her husbands nickname is "Red?" Bwwwaaaahhhhaaa!

Or one of their kids name is "Ima?"
Oh Golly, I gotta stop.

And I dare you to google her at work. Hahahaha!


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