Monday, May 11, 2009

Mothers day and more..

Welcome back, it has been quite a while - NOT.
What is god trying to do to me these days??? Make me crazy - well it is working.

Let me know just tell you that Lance thought that Mothers day was Saturday.
I mean really thought it was Saturday, which is better than most years. Most years he has told me, 'I dont' have to do anything for mothers day for you. You are not my mother.'
So we are upgrading, slowly but surly.
I get up Sat morning and he is gone - I figured he was out getting donuts. He showed up with flowers, card and balloon. I looked at him sideways, and asked him what this was for on a Sat he states 'Mother's day.'
I looked puzzled ' but it is tomorrow.'
Lance 'no it is today.'
Me ', tomorrow. but thanks (I think).'
Over the weekend Lance and I spoke about the fact that I stopped the process with a job that I pretty much had. He let me know he does not get me, and never will. He felt I should have just gone for it and then worked it all out. I don't work that way, and my head is not in the game, so I should just back out. We agreed in the end, that I really wanted to continue with the process, and that honesty was the best way to handle it - but he thinks I should have continued with the process. I backed out.
Until today.
That's right folks.
I got a call from the HR guy at the place, he never told the interview panel that I was not going to show up today, he did not tell them I dropped out of the process. He called me first thing this morning and requested that I re-consider. He said they would work with me, they all have kids and he felt I was the best candidate.
WHAT?, okay. I will see you at 5:20pm to continue the process.
I called Lance, I could feel him smirk thru the phone. Well, in order for me to continue w/ the process he needs to go into work late. He was fine with that. This will have to be a team effort in our household. More to come..........

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Farrell said...

My dear? You were looking for a "sign," no? THAT IS YOUR SIGN!!!!


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