Wednesday, May 6, 2009

um and then some.....

I feel all over the place these days.
Random thoughts, random words - nothing really connecting.
Yet, with all of the chaos - there is a strong sense of calm.
Weird - right?
At this moment, I think it is weird that I am asking the web - if, they find me weird.
How is that for taking it to a new level?

So, I am still convinced that we have some bad mo-jo going on. I am not sure if it is Lance or myself who is off kilter - but we continue to struggle with keeping our personal items working. But on the flip side, neither one of us are really bothered by it all - we have been just laughing it all off and moving on.

We have been joking about how 'bad' our luck truly is - and we weren't even drunk. It is nice to know that in the times of chaos, we can find humor. Although I must admit I am a bit done with the comic humor, here's to praying nothing else breaks in my house. *fingers crossed*

So yesterday, as I made phone calls, I held my breath. It is here, the time is here....the time I have been dreading since the kiddo was born. I scheduled Rylan's bone graph. *gasp*
I was tense on the phone, all night and just walking around in a haze. I don't really want to do this, damn it. So here is the schedule - he needs to have two teeth pulled; this will happen June 2. Once that has healed he will have a bone graph on July 2 - happy effing' fire-cracker day. It was either July 2 or June 24th. The doctors felt June 24th was not enough time to ensure that he healed completely, so we pushed it off one more week.
Which as a side note is strange to me, because why ensure that is healed - when they are going to open it all back up again. color me -perplexed.
Anyway, so here we go. I am submitted the paperwork to take two weeks off for his recovery. I don't really think I will need them, but just to be sure. The doctors indicate it is a 6 week, full recovery time. Which is code for kids summer shot to hell!
Perhaps I need to sign up for netflix - we will be watching ALOT of movies. :)

So in the mist of all of this I have two interviews. Actually, they are second interviews. I have been up front with each of them, letting them know my schedule - thinking they would say thanks, but no thanks. But they are going ahead with bringing continue the process. For one job, it is just me and one other person.

Here is the kicker - what if I get it?

Is it bad timing? Or am I just afraid of the move? *perhaps a bit of both*
However on the flip side, if I don't go for it -what might I be missing.
Or - should I just step back; because people it really is not about me at this moment.
But- what if they will work with my schedule and still want me (is god telling me to go for it?).
Ugh, I am tormented soul these days - yet happy and content.
Complex, how about that - just sign me up as complex.
*please keep us in your prayers in July......*

Lastly, the little boy missing from MO, is from my home town - we went to school w/ the mother & father. In the spirit of prayer - please pray for them and their lost son Joshua.

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Farrell said...

Joshua Childres (sp?), right? They found him today OMIG now that IS a TRUE miracle. That event could restore faith in anybody, as he was found alive and in good condition.

It is hard to know what to do with jobs - I agnst and agnst and all of that. The best advice I can give which totally sounds like a cop out is go with your gut. Try as hard as you possibly can to push out all worries, concerns and see what comes to you in your head. THAT'S the decision you should go with. Or maybe the employers will make it for you by offering something you can't refuse!

Poor Rylan. I know you will take good care of him. Netflix sounds like a great idea.


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