Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Two of my favorite reasons to take some time off!
Well that was the plan, but it did not quite work out that least not today. I went to work at my NEW place for 7 hours - sort of training. I woke up this morning, took a deep breath and was actually relived that I did not have to return to my old job. I mean it felt like a big weight had been lifted, I even smiled. Which is big these days. Normally I would blame it all on PMS, which is haunting me - but not today. I did not realize what a drag my old job was, and how toxic the work place was until I didn't have to drag my happy ass there.
I am sure my new job will have its own hurdles, I will struggle in the beginning. But I am beginning to feel that the move is TOTALLY worth it.
On tuesday some of my co-workers threw me a happy hour - I did not show up. Tuesday was my last day on site, I did not want to see everyone after work. It felt pretty shitty...for like a milli second. Leaving my old job site was like breaking up with an abusive was hard to leave, my emotions were raw, and some of my co-workers were taunting me - with their half-ass good wishes, and smirks. I needed a break - not a happy hour.
Plus I could not be surrounded by the long faces and emotions that people were laying on me because I was leaving and they were staying. It was emotional over-load for them.
drinking in their company would have only made it worse.
So - i stayed home, kissed my kids, had a glass of wine, began to read a book and began to let go of my old job. Once again, I related it to breaking up w/ an abusive boyfriend. Part of me wanted to call today, stop by, make sure everyone was okay. As I drove by today (my new job is just pass my old work), I flipped the old building the bird and smiled on my way to a new beginning. I have stopped the cycle for myself - but had thoughts of getting sucked back in; abuse will do that to a person.
I am officially taking the rest of the week off.....
Tomorrow is field day for the 2nd grade class, I will be there in my shorts cheering on my son, with Pyper in tow.
By noon, I will have a drink - because I CAN.
I may even take a damn nap, and I may get some sun.
Friday I will take Pyper to the pool, and get some more sun.
I have decided that times are good, I deserve this and I am going to damn well enjoy it.
I will post more photos - I have alot of time to take some.
I don't start my new job (full time) until June 16th......I plan to go in next Mon/Tues for a few more hours of cross-training; but no 40 hours.
Hello summer, hello tan, hello wine ! Hello smile - it is good to have you back!
*Thank you to Farrell* She helped me with my resume, she was a total rock starrr and I owe you a drink (or several!); now that I am off, we can do happy hour.

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Farrell said...

No thanks necessary; I'm just happy for you!
Where did you take that pic of rylan in the glass tube thing - it looks cool!


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