Monday, May 4, 2009

manic monday.

I wish I had good news or better karma - but not yet.
I spent 3 days at Lake of the Ozarks last week, at a conference. The conference was full of accounting 'type' people - yes, folks this equals boring. I am not your typical accountant, I know-gasp.
I find most of the people there to be stuck up, old and old acting.
I know plenty of old people, who do not act or look old. But this group fits the mold and stereotype to the tee. So how do I fit into the mix, well not very well.
However, god must have been shining down on me....i took the lady in my office and the new guy from another local gov't rode with us.
We found out the new guy, who is younger (28ish), is a gay accountant. He appears to be, not so much. I ended up having a great time w/ my little car load of people.

On the drive home Friday night, it took us 6 hours to get home. OMG.
The drive should have been pretty simple, except some of the roads / bridges were closed due to the weather. So we ended up lost - which is pretty typical for me, but made for a long damn day. The road trip was nice, we had great conversations and perhaps I was meant to be lost in a car for hours with these two people. Okay,not perhaps - I was meant to be lost for hours talking about religion, self and positive thinking. I am trying to get back my positive mo-jo and it is harder and harder each day.

During our stay 'we' (all 3 of us), got fake tattoos, hats, swimsuits and drank martini's well into the night. The other guest were not sure what to think of us, I didn't really care. We were a circus everywhere we went, and I laughed so hard I about fell over.

Sunday, we finally get home - from traveling to Ironton to see family, get kids and re-group.
We picked up our second stove on Sunday, only to discover this stove was also damaged. OMG. I thought Lance was going to lose his mind. However in our desperate need of actually needing a stove - after 6 weeks of not having one, we installed the 2nd damaged stove. The damage on this stove was in the back, so not very visible. But, for real folks, what gives?
fridge, tv and stove x's 2......
I am not sure we are out of appliance hell - my washer is on its last leg.

Today, I am trying to play catch up - which sucks.
We are staying home this coming weekend, and I cannot wait for it to get here - it is only Monday (ugh!). I have a meeting tonight as well - which sucks times 10.


Cheffie-Mom said...

Have a great week!

Farrell said...

OMG you have to introduce me to your gay friend because I have always wanted a gay guy BFF.

I've gotten lost like that before.
TG for GPS!


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