Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Up and over the hillside

This one is going to cover a few days and a few topics -
I may seem manic at times - that is because I am, YES I am a bit manic these days.
um....where to start.

Back to the offer, then the counter offer, then the ACCEPTANCE of the job.
Yeap, I accepted the job and I plan to give two weeks notice and take an additional two weeks to hang out w/ my kids then start a new job. All very exciting and very nerve racking at the same time.

After the acceptance and a great sigh of relief, I submitted my resignation. My immediate boss read my brief resignation letter, and stated 'well, Michelle I am sure they will be a better fit for you.' um.

In the mean time everyone around me is freaked out. The lady in my office is crying, a few board members have called me crying. That is alot of emotion to handle for something that is suppose to be a positive in my life. I have gotten a ton of emails or employee visits - all wishing me the best of luck, and telling me how sad they are to see me go.

This is all fine and dandy, but it is taking an emotional toll on me. I should have quit and left, staying and listening to every one's emotions about this is a lot to take in. I greatly appreciate it, but please don't be so sad - if you too are unhappy, then take control and make the changes for yourself.

Last Friday, Lance and I had drinks with a few co-workers. The co-workers started crying about me leaving, he was baffled. And he said it best' what the hell is wrong with you guys. She is not that cool, and she is replaceable.'

That made me smile and cringe. He is so right, I am not that COOL......I took great strides in doing the right thing, and always sticking up for what was right - even when it sucked. But please don't make me out to be more than I am. I am human, and pretty much done with this place. Also pretty afraid about something new; but excited at the same time.

In the mean time my car had to go in the shop. Have you been keeping track of my nightmare with appliances and electronics? I am in electroinic hell.
Apparently my child, the 3 yr old, put a bunch of coins in my CD player and almost caught my entire car on fire. How does one know that.....well for the last week I have been telling lance that something is wrong w/ my car. He gets in it, drives it around the block - only to let me know that it is FINE. I roll my eyes and envision myself punching him in the face. It is not fine. I grew up around cars, I know a few things - like where to put the blinker fluid (ha!).
Anyhooo.......my radio has been randomly going out lately. Over the weekend, while in the country w/ Pyper my entire dash board lit - every emergency light lit up as I made a turn. That is code for HOLLY HELL! I pulled in a parking lot, turned the car off and lost all power - my locks and windows would not work. DAMN, DAMN, DAMN. I thought it was my altnator, just based on the sympthoms. My dad showed up to look at it for me and everything worked just fine. OF course, so I looked like a dumbass for calling him to town to HELP me and pyper.
*Lance was at the Cardinal game w/ Rylan, so he was no help*.
We get home on Sunday, 1/2 way home the radio goes out - again. Apparently, I was on the verge of a fire. So $200.00 later, and a few coins dug out of the radio and I have my car back.
So let's keep count - Fridge, Stove, TV and now Radio. What am I missing? I should take inventory, because I need to know what will break next.
Rylan has school until June 4th and on June 5th he will have a tooth pulled in prepartion for his surgery. *cring,e cringe* My new job was very understanding about his July 2nd surgery and understands that I am not flexible about my time off to care for my son - can it be true? We will see.
So next Tuesday is my last day, I plan to bring Pyper in with me - we are having cake and I prob won't stay all day. This Friday I am off to go w/ Rylan on his field trip, and next Friday I will get to attend his field day at school. Then I have two weeks off in june and the plan is to get some sun, luv on my kids, drink in the middle of day - because I can. Smile, see my family and thank god for the small things.
Here's the web-site to my job, in case you really wanted to know..........http://monarch.chrisscholl.com/

Add'l if anyone is looking for a Dir of Fin job, my is open ;)

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Farrell said...

Good for you michelle - you are on your way.
I would say best of luck but you say that when you WON'T be in touch and we always will be. Once you get adjusted, etc. we'll have to make a lunch date! (or even better: happy hour)
You will do GREAT!


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