Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Holding pattern...

okay, so the guy called me and asked me to come in Monday night for a 2nd interview.
I made some arrangements - this is code for - Lance stayed home, until I got there.
I showed up at 5:10 for a 5:20 interview and for some reason I was nervous- I am not normally nervous. Anyhoo...I interviewed with a panel of 5, plus two on lookers. 5 - a panel of 5 (OMG). The one guy had 7 questions - typical interview questions, only I did not brush up on the typical interview questions. But I must have done pretty well, none the less.
I got an offer.
Today, I counter offered.
Which means as of now I am in a holding pattern.
The HR guy sends me an email that the board is reviewing my request and/or counter offer.
So here is my questions - should one counter offer?
I always thought it was to be expected.
I only upped the ante a few bucks more, but nothing too much or too extreme.
So tell me, do employers normally low-ball in hopes of a counter offer?
What is a respectable counter offer?
I asked for $3,000 more than the intital offer. Once again not a lot, but I think the expected thing to do is counter offer.
Some one throw me a bone!!!
Plus IF I take this new job, which is really similar to my current job - I plan to give two weeks notice, but take 4 weeks total. I am going to take 2 weeks in june to just chill w/ the fam'.
Plus I told the interview panel about my son's surgery - I need 2 weeks to care for my son during and after surgery. This request is not flexible. The panel seemed really responsive to this request. *let me state, a panel member works in a local NICU* I think that helps.
The lady I am replacing actually had 3 of her 4 kids at this place *they may actually be family friendly. dare I say. does it exist?*
So kids, this is where I am at.

Ohhh, then this morning I took my kids to the doctor and they BOTH have strep throat. That folks requires a place that is family friendly.
At my current job *aka hell hole* I had to miss a night meeting tonight due to the fact that I am caring for sick kids and hubby is working 2nd shift. We are in the middle of a give & take situation. I asked him to go in late yesterday so I could go on a interview / tonight I must give up a worksession.
He is stressed that he may be laid off soon. Perhaps we will both be home for a week or two - I suggest we hit the road w/ our kids and see the states. head west, I say, head west!!! time will tell. Our paths are windy, tricky and full of surprises. We are lucky to have each other and our little family. Keeping fingers crossed either way.


Farrell said...

As far as I know, it is totally acceptable and expected to counter offer.
Strep - both kids - ugh. Let's just pray that you and Lance stay healthy.
Snuggle up and watch lots of movies.

Team Botanical said...

A counter offer is definitely standard. This isn't your first job, after all.


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