Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Bumps in the road

See the broken tree above - well that happened yesterday. I got home from work to see that the brief storm had left us a present.
The nice storm left us a broken mature tree, which decided to land on our deck, roof and gutter.
The up side to this damn thing - now I don't have to stain my deck, which I had planned to do over the next two days. Now, I will spend my time calling the insurance company, and try to get a damn adjuster at my home to assess the damage.
Hang on, because I am fully of good news - you know the kind that makes you shake your head and wonder why in hell do you really visit my blog?
Last week my father was hit while on his motorcycle. Scared the living hell out of all of us. He was stopped, making a left hand turn in to his driveway when a lady who was TEXTING hit him from the back. He saw her, he had his blinker on, he even put out his arm in a effort to make sure she saw him. Well, if her nose wasn't stuck up her text message she would have seen him and not rammed into the back of his back. We are lucky he is alive, and she can live another day knowing that she did not kill someone. Thank god Missouri requires helmets - it along w/ his leather jacket saved him.. It is a complete mind job begin hit by car - he said he could see her tire and was afraid she was going to run him over. Apparently, after reconstructing the scene my family has been told that she NEVER hit her breaks. He is banged up, bruised - but no worse for the wear. We are lucky, he is even luckier.
In true form, my father cannot wait to get another cycle and get back on the road.
God luv him and bless him. The only thing that saved his life that day was quick thinking and god. *hands down*
On a brighter note, we are taking the kids to six flags tomorrow. Today was Rylan's last day of school - he got all A's. *I am so proud* Not sure what genetic make-up he has going on, but proud none the less. Friday he is having a tooth pulled in prep for his bone graph, which will occur on July 2nd. *I am breathless thinking about it all*
In the meantime I can be distracted by the tree that has destroyed our deck, part of fence, sits on our roof and gutters. As I tell my family my latest drama they laugh - like out loud. My sister could hardly control her self. What the hell can one do, but laugh. Did I mention that the houses around our home are fine....but ours well the bad-mo-jo continues. And we stand stunned, mouths gapped open and then laugh out loud. What the hell else can one do??
At least we have a home, and thank god we have insurance. It could be worse, we keep telling ourselves...and we are sticking to that motto. Although with each incident it is harder and harder to believe.

Tomorrow should be better, folks.
Stay positive - see this is the face of a positive person.

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Farrell said...

Oh giiirll! you definitely need a drink or 20! you poor thing!
Your father DEFINITELY had a guardian angel looking out for him, Thank God.


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