Friday, June 5, 2009

One down, one to go....

Before I get into today, let me say a few bits about yesterday.
To sum it up - Yahoo!
Much to my hesitation we packed up and went to Six Flags (stl). As a sidebarr - I hate heights and rollercoasters. I am not the best person to take to Six Flags, and in my short sightedness, I thought my kids would hate it as well. Color me all wrong.
First yesterday, Pyper woke up with an ear ache - so at 8 am I am visiting the doc in the box (Walgreens) and trying to think up ways to get out of the whole trip. Lance would not hear of it, so at 10am, we packed up, grabbed two extra kids and went to the theme park. All the way I am grumbling under my breath 'why in the hell are we doing this. this sucks blah, blah'.
We drive to where the coasters are in site and Pyper forgot all about her ear and she was animated and ready to see the coasters. Needless the say we had the BEST TIME EVR'. We stayed until 7pm, we practically had to drag everyone out of there. Pyper was just tall enough to ride the log flume, thunder river and fell in luv w/ a horse on the carosole. I owe Lance an apology, which he will never get. Him and Rylan rocked every ride there at least twice and they are still smiling about the adventure even today.
Which leads me into today, part of the reason we went yesterday was two fold. One Rylan got straight A's (again) and today he had part one of his prep for his bone graph. We went to the Center for Advanced Medicine and had a tooth pulled. Lance and I were going to gether - well that plann was shot all to hell when the adjustor called and said he would be at our home today between 10 and 11. Of course between 10 and 11 ; when Rylan's appt was at 10:30. So, Lance stayed home and I went to the doctor w/ Rylan.
My stomach was in knots all morning. Rylan was too busy glowing about yesterday to even give today two thoughts. That was until they stuck the damn IV in his arm. This is part about being a parent I hate the most. The part where you know that you have to subject your child to pain in order for them to strive and remain healthy / happy.
As the big tears stream down his face, and he squeezes my hand, I put on my mom face. You know the one...that one that wipes his tears, speakes softly in his ears and trys to convience him that it will all be okay. When inside, I am praying it will all be okay.

*At that moment I am cursing everyone I know for making me do this alone.*
The pressure from the band to make his blood vessel pop up is uncomfortable and he begins crying, the needle for the IV turns up his anxiety to overdrive. Once the medicine is put in the IV my child is calm and I am asked to leave the room. Every time the doctors ask me to leave the room, I have a moment of hesitation. I hesitate in an effort to take one last look and whisper one more i luv you. Then I go back to the waiting room and WAIT.
By nature I am not a wait-er' ; I don't wait, and under circumstances where your child is in another room drugged up and having items extracted, I for real, don't wait well.
So I dig thru my purse, then start to pace. While pacing I say a few small prayers, and curse Lance for not coming with me.
Then the come to the door and summons me back - I want to run.
Rylan is drugged up and sleeping in the fetal position in the chair. My heart leaps, and I gulp back the tears. I sit next to him, while the doctor explains that all went well. He is not really waking up, he seems to want to sleep. Then I explain that we wore him out yesterday, so he is tired from Six Flags. They get us a wheel chair and I wheel him out to the car. He is drugged up. Ever tried to wheel a drugged up 8 yr old across campus to a parking garage. While in the wheel chair his teeth start to chatter and his arms start to shake. He gives the appearance of being on the verge of a seizure - this makes me sad and scared. The doctor said it is a side effect of the pain med.
I drive home in fear of my child having a seizure, and that sucks. I am on pins and needles. As the medicine wears off, I see the glimmer of my son coming back.
And now 2 hours after being home, I am glad to report that he is fine. So well, that we are now playing WWE smackdown on the Wii.
In 4 weeks we go for a bone graph, in the mean time I wear my heart on my sleeve.

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Farrell said...

Aw:( I remember when Sophie was a baby and in her first year in the hospital so much and the nurses were trying to get a needle in her teeny tiny viens and you as the parent would do ANYTHING to trade places.

I'm glad rylan came out okay, but how scary for you.


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