Sunday, June 21, 2009

Fun n' the Sun 2009

The DePew Family has been hooping it up at the river and lake lately, these are photos of some fam'damly time. The top two are from two weeks ago at Black River, and the bottom two are from this past Saturday when we spent 9 hours on the Meramac River. I know I cring when I write it - the Meramac is a dirty, trashy river - but we made the best of it by skiing, tubing, boating and hanging w/ good friends. I skiied my butt off, and luv'd every minute of it.
Rylan did the knee board and rocked the river like a champ.
It was his first time and you could see the hesitation, the fear and the anxiety starting to take over while he was in the water holding the line. I stood at the back of the boat yelling encouragements at him - yes I had to yell, so he could hear me over the boat. Then you could see it, the instant his made it - his knees were set and he was still alive and well. Then his face held the confidence every parent lives for. I cannot begin to find the words to capture the moment, but damn it was incredible. The terror was replaced with a sense of accomplishment, which was over time replaced with a sense of fun. Then he hit some choppy waves, rode them out, then he got cocky (he is his fathers son) and ended up falling off. This was his second test - yes son, you must do it again. And again he did - confidence builder #2 - he rocked the waves and I could not be more proud. After the knee board and several times of me skiing we moved on to the 3 man tube - a little more his speed. Enjoy the photos.

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