Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Day duex at my new digs and I am feeling extremely handicap.
Sort of swimming around in the land of the lost at the moment, hoping that I get a freakn' grip.
From an outsider looking in it seems like this dept is run in the dark ages, and the that the lady I am replacing spent a LOT OF time spinning her wheels and FORCES items to work.
That in general makes me cringe, I mean it makes my skin crawl.
I am hoping that my initial thoughts are not the case, but everything I review and touch I want to change. Normal generic things have been turned into major projects - and I am not sure why. Perhaps it was her lack of understanding about the sources of the data, therefore she did not know how to process it without tearing it apart. *just a thought*.
But something as generic as getting a revenue deposit, seems to be a big deal. That I don't understand - at all.
I don't want to show up guns-a-blazn' and change alot of things, but then again I can get the same result w/ less steps and less time. Seems like a no brainier to me - maybe?
Anyhoooo..........I am here, and apparently so is she.
Which also has its own weirdness to me. People are also confused w/ having two Controllers.
Here is the deal, her official last day was May 20th. However she is staying on payroll to 'wrap-up' a few items, which as of today are still not done. One very important item is the 2008 audit, which is due to the state by the end of the month. And she is working on a very important form for the IRS as well. Both of these documents she has taken off site and taken over.
The IT department won't create me an account or set me up until they turn her off. Which is strange to me, in my mind she is basically a consultant, not a controller. *but who the hell asked me?*
So what does one do??? Well me, being-well, me. I called her (she is on vacation this week), and got her log-in info and pswds. I need the data, I have a budget to get out and get done by August and I have NOTHING. So much to her reluctance she gave it to me. Which about pissed me off, she is technically not working - just logging hours here and there. ahem.
So, I am being productive, still under her guise - but productive none the less.
Just between you and I, I am not so sure she is going stop logging hours any time soon. Which could be a problem......just a SMALL one.
Then there is the issue w/ the software, it is messed up. She didn't trust the software, to do it's job so she forces and manually makes alot of it work. *OMG*
This is NOT necessary, this is NOT rocket science. So today I put a call into the software company. The software does not have reports set up for generic things like - chart of accounts or a balance sheet. She does the balance sheet manually.
Which might be fine (no even in a small business it is not fine!), if we did not have 7 gazillion bank accounts and 9 funds along with trying to manage 25 millon $$$.
I am not looking for the easy way out, but for real - some of this is a no brainier.
I am taking baby-steps, but the big picture keeps me up at night. I did not sleep at all last night - kept thinking about all of this crap. I am tackling one thing at a time, and holding my breath about the items that I should be getting too, and trying to imagine what I am forgetting.
But all in all I am glad to be back at work, and even happier that it is not my old crappy job w/ the city down the road.
I have plenty to share from my last week at home, we went to the wineries, the river, saw family friends and hung out.
If I am lucky I will even get some darn photo's posted.
In the mean time I am still waiting on my freakn' phone to show up from At&T. The one I lost when my purse got stolen about 1 1/2 weeks ago. grrrr. The banks still has us messed up and my gas billed did not get paid because it went to the old account, which was closed. grrrrr.
I have left Lance to deal with the insurance guy about the tree on our house - which is prob a mistake; but I refuse to deal with it. He is a sucker and we will get screwed, because he refuses to ask questions and/or challenge them. But it is his ball game, not mine.
Praying that my sister works thru her stuff. I would luv to say more, but better not. I will ask that you keep her in your prayers as she works thru this rough patch. Growing up sucks and growing up too fast can be confusing, not getting lost is a challenge.
I saw my brother over the weekend and after a few pissy moments we called a truths.
The last thing him or I both need is more drama, so we decided to just stop the madness between the two of us. color me all grown up- for a milla' second. ;)


A Buns Life said...

I have faith you will WHIP everything and everyone into shape in no time! :)

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Nieces & Nephews and Kids...