Sunday, June 7, 2009

For REAL folks...

As if things could not get worse..........someone stole my purse.
Okay, so I am part to blame, I did leave it in my car overnight - unlocked. My bad, totally my bad. However our subdivision is not a bad one, I have done this several times before.
The purse was in the hatch of my trailblazer, not even in plain site. They took my purse and all of my loose change, but left the GPS, the video player for the kids and the beer.
My purse was behind the beer that was left over from us hanging out w/ some friends on Friday night. I mean for real. By process of elimination I 'think' it was a bunch of kids - otherwise they would have taken the other items; which are prob worth more at a pawn shop.
I had no money in my purse - zip, zero.
But what I did have was all of our social security cards *gasp, gasp*.
Why, you may ask? I had taken them out of the safe, so I could sign my kids up for my new insurance at my new job last week. They were going back in the safe this weekend. The fact that they are out there floating makes my skin crawl, and it down right pisses me off.
I am so mad!! *part angry at my self, I was the dumba*s that left it in my car*
So now, I have no license, no checks, no debit / credit, no cell phone - GRRRRR.
I filed a police report yesterday, and contacted my bank and cell phone company.
Bottom line, this sucks along with the other list of items that have gone wrong in the last two months.
Here is a run down of things:
Tree fell on house / deck
Purse stolen out of my car while in my driveway
Yeap, I have officially met my max, I am done. Please move on to making someone else's life a living hell. I am no longer finding humor in our stuff breaking, acts of god, and my moments of stupidity leading to my life being turned upside down.
On the petty side, I just bought a new wallet at a purse party last week (Coach) and that damn thing is gone too. Mind you, I only paid $8.00 for it - but damn man. Give me a break - perhaps I should clarify before I break a bone. Please remove whatever hex is on us.
We were going to go to the horse races Sat night, well that plan was shot to hell in light of my life being stolen. It is sad to imagine that my life or some major parts of it lie in a big white bag, which contained a coach wallet and all of my stuff. How small it really makes me feel.
So as we get ready today to go to church, I find myself raiding our piggy banks so we have change for the offering. It feels low and leads to anger. Gotta run, 11am is right around the corner.

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Farrell said...

OMIG Michelle, you are in dire need of some good karma coming your way!!!


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