Wednesday, October 17, 2007


What is it about boys and boogers??

On any given day you can catch my son with his finger in his nose. I use to think that he was scratching his scar ( he is cleft and has scars on both sides of his nose), but now I am convinced he is digging for gold.

Rylan sleeps in bunk-beds, he sleeps on the top bunk. The walls are green, a soft mute green, but green none the less. However the walls located next to Rylan's bed have a nice accent of crusty boogers.


I go down to wake him up this morning to get ready for school, I flip the light on and gently shake him. As I shake him I scann the bed / wall, I notice these yellowish specks....upon further investigation I determine they are boogers. No one or two of them, a good handful; perhaps 9 to 10. GROSS. How could I have not seen them before?? Normally, I keep the lights off and yell from the top of the stairs for Rylan to get up. Not today, I decided to try something new.

See what happens when I change my schedule...I am attacked by boogers. GROSS.

I am one of those mom's that can change a diaper in a flash. But I hate puke, even if it is my own. I hate, snot and boogers. I can do the fast swipe and go, but will gag if it requires more than that. Blood, that is another one that will send me into a tail-spin.

So I ask him......'hey, what is this' pointing my finger next to this yellowing spot.
Rylan ' I don't know'
Me - ' they sure look like boogers. Did you do this?'
Rylan ' Nope, not me. Perhaps Pyper did it'. He proceeds to climb out of bed and begin his morning. Blame it on Pyper...she still sleeps in her crib, in the other room. Nice try buster.
I stand there thinking to myself * boys really are gross. I grab a tissue and try to pry the damn thing off the wall, it flakes off along with some paint. UGH.
So because the 6 yr old has decided to wipe & swipe his snot and boogers on my wall, I now need to repaint the downstairs. We can add that to the LONG list of things to get done.
In many ways my son is a ALOT easier than my daughter, but when dealing with the gross meter - my son / husband take the cake.
BTW - Rylan has discovered that he can squirt liquid thru the hole in the roof of his mouth (result of his cleft), so now he is the hit of the lunch table. He can squirt his milk out his nose and make it go 'really' far. OMG. Chalk another one up on the gross chart.
As a side barr * Pyper and I had a good night last night. My sanity needed things to be calm. She did sleep in my bed all night, but one struggle at a time.

I have a parent teacher conf tonight at 6pm. It is strange to actually be the parent, it feels really surreal.

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