Friday, October 12, 2007

The latest....

Okay so Pyper has been pretty standard this week. She bangs her head on the floor every morning about something and gets angry over at least one thing each day.

Standard. You can bet on it. She even has a brusie on her forehead from banging it.

Last night I lay in bed with Lance giggling about our kids. Why? Because for the life of me, I just cannot believe that god felt it necessary for Lance and I to reproduce. I mean we really are 'winging it'. I find it hard to dicipline my children without laughing, I find them so interesting and entertaining; plus I often find myself wondering 'how do you know that??' They know SO much. I am sure I had nothing to do with it.

So this morning Rylan is dilly-dallying along. This is typical. He is great child, but he does dilly. I tell him to get moving and he cramps down on the ground as if something hurts. I look cockeyed him and ask 'are you okay'. He looks at me with a straight face and says ' my toes hurt.' Instantly I begin to ask ' did you hurt them, stub them etc.' Each question is met with a 'no'. Finally I ask' do you want to cut them off'. His face falls and he exclaims 'no. my toes hurt, I think they are growing.'

Oh, now I get it.

sidebarr- lance and i were talking the other night about how painful my growing pains were. I had terrible growing pains in my knees and legs. Rylan was in the room when we were talking about it all.

Back to Rylan....

After he informs me that he is hurting just like I use to when I was a kid (back in the day). I let him know that my toes never hurt. So then he inquires 'what about your ears, you know my ears are growing. I think they hurt. ' I smile inside, as I look at his ears, I think they are bit big, maybe it does hurt when they grow. *I kept all comments to myself.

I asked him if he wants me to 'cut his ears off'? We are now playing games. He smiles and informs me that I can no longer look at him. He tells me to turn away, cover my eyes.

I cover my eyes and he moves his hand from his toes to his knee. Magically, his knee has started to hurt. *Imagin that.
I rub his knee ask if he wants me to cut them off too, he replies no and says I really should hid the knives. Then he skips of to brush his teeth. See how fast they heal at my house.

Apparently, Pyper had to have time out at the sitters house yesterday. Why is this news? Well, I asked Rylan 'how was your day' . He responds 'great!'. Then I proceed to ask, 'how was Pypers day?' His face frowns and he says ' not so good, she had time-out'.

I laugh out loud, the idea of Pyper sitting in one place, because someone told her too is unheard of. I begin to inquire. Apparently, our sitter put Pyper in timeout for 1 1/2 min due to the fact that she kept pushing a 10mth old boy down. Very appropriate, I too would have put her somewhere.

Rylan would have been devistated if someone would have put him in time-out, that is why he 'thinks' Pyper had a terrible day. Pyper on the other hand does not care from one second to the next. She can hate you and 2 minutes later love you. Rylan is my tender heart, and his feelings would be brusied for the entire day.
Lance and I lay in bed last night giggling at the visual of Pyper sitting in time-out. Can you even imagin, he asked. No, I respond.

I have this visual of Pyper swinging her legs, looking at her finger nails and then just getting up - because she bored.

Pyper in time-out, not in a million years.

Rylan and growing toes, what next?

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