Monday, October 15, 2007

Grants Farm-Grants-a-vanylia.

Our weekend was filled with the usual emotional over-load. But in an effort to lighten the mood we packed up our little family and went to grants farm, in the evening.

My son is 6 (Rylan), and our daughter Pyper (19 mths) were a bit thrown off kilter, who leaves for Grants farm at 7:30 pm? We do. Why?

Because they have it decked out for Halloween, and it will be fun. *I am demanding that it be FUN. I must admit when we got started, I began to regret even suggesting we go. On the way there the kids fell asleep - not a good sign.

We arrive and wait in line. Which was a bit surprising, I thought we would be the only people there on a Friday night. Nope, other people had the same idea. I am sure it was the entertainment and free beer - that was our draw. (note - it is not free to park, but well worth it). So we arrive and my son is a bit nervous, he asked ' are we REALLY going to ride the train the dark?' Me- 'yeah, it will be fun'.

He was thrilled, it was totally kid appropriate.... a few spooky parts, but for the most part it was hokey (is that a word?). The train guides played a halloween tape that explained each scene we would arrive upon, the troll under the bridge had my son a bit un-nerved. Pyper on the other was thrilled to be out so late and surrounded by people.

We arrived inside the park, fed the goats. Apparently they needed night-time snack ;).

Then hoofed it to the beer garden. Ahh....kid and parent friendly. We got our adult beverages, a few pretzels, some lemonade and sat back and listened to the DJ. We all did the hokey-poky, monster mash etc. There is that happy family I have been missing. I smile across the beer garden at my husband, who is keeping up with Pyper. We briefly catch each others glance and know instantly, that we both needed this. A light-hearted evening, dancing and a drink. Our kids LOVED it. We dance for an hour or so and packed up and went home.

The only thing I would have changed.........we should have dressed up. Next time our kids will dress up, and we will whoop it up again. We are looking forward to boo-at-the zoo next.

Our weekends continue to be filled with travel and sad emotions.

Saturday we packed, and headed back down to the country. The small moment of Grants Farm keeping us inspired. We arrive in the country to see Lance's step-mom, who continues to lose her battle with cancer. She is bed-ridden and withering away right before our eyes. Sadness and exhaustion set in by the time we make it home on Sunday.

This weekend I did nothing but hold Pyper. She has been trying to tell me that she needs a little bit more of me. This weekend I took the time to give her what she needed. I held her close for the better part of this weekend, and limited the amount of times I said 'no' to her. I was thankful she kept her fit throwing to a minimum, and my sanity seemed to stay in place.

This week is a FULL week. Tonight I have a meeting. Tomorrow I will go to the pumpkin patch with Rylan, and school, on a field trip. He is really excited. Tomorrow Lance has class, so we will be making home-made pizza. Wed - nothing planned, and I hope to keep it that way. Thurs - Rylan sees the ortho, we will be discussing an extender. Thurs, I have a night meeting, and Lance has class. A babysitter will be around for 2 hours to help us get thru the day / evening. With all that we have planned this week, we still have time for play and hugs-n-snugs. We will get pumpkins to carve and begin to decorate our bushes with spider-webs.

Keeping our fingers crossed that we survive without any major blow-ups. Communication is the key this we have vowed not to get stressed out about the little things. We will see if we can keep that vow.

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