Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Dear Mr. Winter

Dear Mr. Winter -
Do us all a favor and pick a side.
If you are going to be cold enough to make my brain cells freeze then please at least snow, so the kids can play. This way we all feel as if you have accomplished something. Something other than keeping us in our homes, on top of each other, ready to grab the knives and daggers.
We can only watch so many movies before we want to gauge our eyeballs out.
We really should STOP eating - the chips, the popcorn, the chili, the lamb leg, the wine, the Baily's. This is making us fat.
*Find your friend Mr. Sunshine and send him our way - we would like to go outside and get our bodies moving. PLEASE.
We have been trying to entertain ourselves with the Wii (from X-mas), but given our competitive spirit - someone ALWAYS ends up mad.
For instance, Rylan put the smack down on me the other night while playing Wii baseball. He beat me (much to his pleasure) 24 to 1. Then when I returned the favor when we moved on to bowling. I whopped his butt 149 to 87. This resulted in one child CRYING. OMG. Really.

On a normal day, I would have said turn it off and go OUTSIDE.
But it was um....to friggn' cold. So what to do?
Try another game, read a book or, of course watch a movie. The couch has an imprint from my butt, which has grown 2 inches. Mamma is not happy.
Lance is working nights (again), but no complaints, at least he is working. And so am I for that matter. I am applying for several federal jobs, anyone out there know how to get in with the Fed?
On a brighter note, I have a one day conference this week. I am leaving Thurs to go to Columbia, for an all day conf on Friday. This equals a room to ones-self and a bed to ones-self. This is the highlight of my winter (thus far!).
I have been absent lately. Swamped at work. I was in the office 4 hours on Sunday, and 12 hrs yesterday. Working this hard, and having a young family is a bit of a struggle, but hopefully well worth it. So, if you don't hear from me in a few days, just know that I am CRAZY (which is an understatement).
Lastly, there is a STL bloggers get together on Sat. If one cannot find a sitter, can we bring kids? I cannot imagine leaving Pyper on Sat, having just left her for two days - but I REALLY want to go. Any words of advice?


Jennifer said...

I agree, come on Mr. Winter, SNOW or Sun, make a chose and "stick" to it :)

Farrell said...

Our office is crazy busy too and it is HARD to get it all in, esp. when one has kids.
I wasn't invited to the get together?


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