Monday, January 5, 2009

New Years.

2009, wow it is here - really.

*Pinch, squeeze, pinch again. I am ready to wake up any day now.
click heels three times, think of a happy place - -envision a happy place.

I will spend the next two months still writing 2008 on every piece of paper I sign off on, because it takes me a while to wrap my head around the new year.

I am not one who makes resolutions. Why? Because I know i will never keep them. I know I don't have will power or gumption to lose my lingering 10 lbs, nor will give up chocolate or wine. I won't ask for all the normal mumbo-jumbo - of course I want to be happy, healthy and all that good sh*t. Who doesn't? But that seems like a cop-out resolution list. So once again, why bother.

I am SO glad the kids are getting back on their schedule today. They have been horrible! I mean horrible. This morning I spanked Pyper with the hair brush, and last night I swatted Rylan with the fly swatter. I spent 80% of yesterday yelling at both of them. They were intent on being BAD. The talking back, the not listening, the not staying in time out, the trying to hit me - OMG.

Dear hubby is still working, for the time being. He is going in to finish the job he was working on, but then what? Who knows. I HATE this...he is making me crazy.
I 'think' his boss is going to try to start his own company. This comes with its own amount of headaches, plus I 'think' his boss is going to ask 'us' to be partners. This makes me want to break out in hives. I don't want any part of it - but I am not so sure where Lance is at with it all.
um........It is only January and I feel blah. I love what I do, but hate my job. My boss is tiptoeing around me like a little mouse. They have until the 14th to respond to the EEOC. We shall see how that all turns out. I am preparing for battle, but I fear I don't have enough strenght to go around. My kids have got to get it together, my husband has got to get out of his funk and pick a side. I have to get my head back in the game - find my happy place.
*where did I put it? Oh, that's right it is on the beach in Mexico with my drink and the cabana boy.

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