Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New President - and them some.

Well, much to my surprise I actually watched the events of yesterday.
It is the first inauguration I have ever watched in my 30+ yrs of life. So why yesterday?
Well, it was history in the making, maybe not the book of history I would have personally written. *I voted for McCain (whew it is out there). But history, none the less.

I watched the series of events in the detective bureau, with 5 other male detectives. All of them commenting on the level of alert that had been issued for this particular event. Most of them looking for items I would have never thought of - positions, people, objects (etc). They were looking to ensure that the event really did go off without any real crisis.
I on the otherhand, was looking at every one's attire. *shallow, maybe - but you know you were looking too. Some of it was hard to miss. ha!

This is my point. I have nothing negative to say about yesterday. I think Obama's viewed mistake when taking his oath was refreshing. I think it made him tangible, and human. He was clearly nervous - who wouldn't be. He was speaking to the FREE WORLD, and had everyones attention (and them some). He acknowledged that we are faced with a long hard road, and this road can only be towed if each and everyone of us pitch in. And with him, no one will be singled out, or dismissed -that is something in itself.

My husband is working nights this week (again), so I am sitting at the table working on Rylan's 2nd grade homework, and I ask him ' Hey, did you guys watch any TV today at school?'
Rylan looked at me crossed-eyed ''
Me 'well, history was made, and alot of schools let their students watch the new president take office.'
Rylan -' you mean obama?'
Me - yeap.
Rylan 'you didn't want Obama, did you? You know daddy did - daddy won. And in the school election, I too voted for Obama.' A long pause 'Mom, are you mad that Obama won, and that I voted for him?'
Me, a smile crosses my face. ' Dear heavens, no. This is America, and part of the great thing about our country is our right to vote. And in that process, someone has to win and someone has to lose. The person I voted for may have lost, but as Americans we all win. We get freedoms and strength from those freedoms that make us all winners. And I respect Obama as our new president, and pray he is successful - for all of us.'
Rylan ' yeah, yeah - but you know DAddy won.'
Me - yeah, I know.....I will hear about it for the next 4 yrs.
Rylan - so what happened?
Me - Wanna watch the news and view some of the coverage.
Rylan - looks inquisitive 'sure...but will it be boring?'
Me - 'nah, they took all the boring stuff out and will just show the good stuff.'
And so my son also watched history in the making. I am sure his little 7 yr old brain does not really get it, but he gets enough to know it was a big deal.

So, to each their own, it is now time to unite and support our new president.


Raquita said...

Actually the mistake wasn't Obamas - the person reciting hte oath said it wrong - but I do agree it was very refreshing I liked watching his reaction to the stumble..

Ask me how I know? I listen to a report on the oath the day before on NPR and knew the opening line cause they harped on it for like fifteen minutes in the report.

anywho I love your kid, mine often tests me to see what my reaction to being wrong is - especially it seems when daddy was right - although that rarely happens in our house - heh :)

Michelle said...


Hey girl - it's been a long time. I know you are swamped, so thanks for stopping by!

You are correct, about the mistake.....I just found out from someone else. It was not Obama's, it was the other guys.
But once again it speaks to Obama's class - he waited for the guy to recover and give him the verbage correctly.
NPR - you smart girl ...

Luckly, Lance was gone or it would have been two to one last night ;).


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