Monday, January 5, 2009


I am imagining that all of the holiday hustle and bustle finally up with my entire family. Here is a small snapshot of what we had going on...........

Here are the KIDS that were at my mothers for x-mas eve. Yes, there are 13 kids ( think); 9 of them are my mothers grandchildren.

We will go from l to r: August, Laci, Rylan, Murphy, Jessie, Jake, Maidson, Grant, Courtney, Pyper, Paige, Payton, Gavin. WHEW.

Yes, Pyper ran around like a crazy head. Played her little heart out, and we packed her up and drug her from house to house -weekend after weekend. Sorry dear child - I know it sucks. Welcome to your life; find the silver lining. *it is there somewhere, I promise.

This was Pyper last night, she had time out (for like the 900 time), and she fell asleep in her timeout chair. *my mother is reading this and grabbing her chest, shaking her head and dialing my number all at the same time. I can hear her now, 'that poor child - blah,blah, blah'

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