Tuesday, October 13, 2009

H1N1 debate??

Okay folks flu season is upon us...and the damn H1N1 is all over the place.
The flu basically sucks anyway, without this nonsense.
My work and my doctor are pushing the vaccine - I am dead set against getting it.

I have never gotten the flu shot, nor have my kids.
But on the flip side, it could kick our arse or kill my babies.

We just got a note from our football team that a kid has been diagnosed w/ the swine flu - a kid that was sickly looking during Sat's game. So in essence we have all been exposed to it and I am bit freaked out.

But not freaked out enough to shoot the crap in their arm or up their nose.
But honestly I am damn scared!
Someone throw me a bone - what are you doing in your household?
Is anyone else torn?

I met a mom during football who said her son just got over the swine flu last week - his fever was 105. OMG! 105, I almost puked right there. She said it was scary, her son lost 7 lbs - but stayed home and she managed it.
I am finding it difficult to imagine Pyper (3) or Rylan (8) with a fever of 105......
Are good eating habits, vitamins, and exercise enough to combat this flu season?
Am I risking my children by not getting them the swine flu shot?
But here is my flip side - what if the CDC comes back next year and with a statement like ' oops we are sorry the swine flu vaccine had some side effects we didn't fully test. sorry, your kids are messed up.'
Give me the scoop tell me how you are handling this in your home.
Today, I am holding steady about not getting the shot(s) for me or my kids. I pray nothing bad happens based on my decision - today, I feel it is a gamble either way.....

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Farrell said...

It's a personal decision but I'm all for vaccination.


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