Friday, October 16, 2009


Okay, as much as I hate to accept it, we are in sleep hell.
Pyper STILL does not sleep all night. She does not go to bed on her own, she falls asleep on the couch with me, then I carry her to her bed.

Before I get a bunch of emails about it all, let me just state, that I know I am an enabler.
I honestly have not worked on trying to get her to go to bed in her own bed - I just let her lay next to me on the couch until she is snoring.

She is such a touchy child, she will feel and twist my hair until her it is wound up tight and knotted up to my scalp. Once she even got her fat little sausage fingers wrapped up in my hair the tip of her finger turned blue. If she hurts me, and I ask her to keep her fingers out of my hair then she will move on to her own. Wrapping and twisting until her little eyes are closed.

Prior to bed time I am too wrapped up in wanting to lay in the couch and veg out in front of the TV that I honestly have not made putting her in her own bed a priority. I can own that one - that one is my bad. A situation that I have created and continue to enable. And before I get totally frustrated with her for not closing her eyes, there are small moments of pure glee coming out of my emotional pores. Like the moments when her chubby little cheeks are pressed next to mine, as she hugs me for the hundredth time. Or the small bird like kisses she gives these days and that soft child like voice that squeaks 'i luv u mom'. I could bottle those little moments up and sell them they are so darn cute.

But why in hells name does the child not sleep all night once she is finally snuggled in her own bed. I put in her bed, cover her up, place pillows all around her (thinking I am fooling her into believing someone is laying close to her). She will sleep soundly for a few hours, anywhere between 3 to 4 hours and then she will wake up either calling my name or be standing next to my bed with her dragon breath. These are the sleepy, gauge my eyeballs out, moments that make me freakn' crazy. The moments when I curse the child and wonder what in the hell is wrong with her. In my sleepy haze I either go crawl into her bed and allow her to pull my hairs out one by one off my head or I pick her up and place her in the middle of my bed. Either way by this time in the morning, my only goal is to keep getting sleep. Not fidget, not fight, and not talk. Girlfriend does not want to talk at 3am, no girlfriend should be sleeping and dreaming about beaches and drinks.

What I cannot determine is why the child is getting up?

Because once I am close to her she snuggles up close and goes right back to sleep.
I use to convince myself that once she was back asleep, I was going to stay awake long enough to either get back in my own bed or put her back in hers.
This never happens.

I am never coherent enough to drag my butt out of her bed - I usually find myself in her winnie the pooh room around 6am. It is either that or I wake up to her nailing Lance with her flailing arms and legs. For some reason when she is in our bed she torments Lance, he swears she is there to drive him out of his own bed with abuse. I joke that she is best birth control we could ever have.

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