Friday, October 9, 2009


men. or at least my husband.
The double standard that floats around my house makes me crazy, bonkers - crazy.
So this weekend I am going on a 'girls' only trip. I will be leaving Sat morning coming back Sunday. Hello, like 24 hours - no big deal. The entire week he has been making snide comments about how much I get to get out, ect.

Sure he is half ass jealous - but for REAL dude; keep it. Last night he started with the whole 'you know you are going to miss the football game.' I knodded in agreement.
then he stated 'well, what about Pyper? What am I suppose to do with her?'
My reply ' the same damn thing I would do with her at the game - watch her!'.

I have yet to tell him that I work happy hour planned for next Wed, I am not ready to catch hell for that one. I need to get thru this Sat first.
But for real, if one of his friends calls and wants him to go - he goes. No worries, no what about the kids ect. Plus in Nov he is going to leave for a few weekends to go deer hunting, which is code for drinking beer with the guys. Why - because he doesn't even own a deer rifle, he just goes to ride 4 wheelers and get the away for the weekend. No time table, no I'll be home by noon, no guilt.

So I am leaving bright and early, out of a group of 16 people I only know 3 of them - which is just the way I like it. I don't have to do anything but just be out and about, drinking some wine. I am sharing a room with a girlfriend, who is alot like me - not bs, no drama.
So tonight will be another night of nonsense with Lance, the closer it gets, the more he will pour it on. I will pack the football bag, set Pyper's clothes out (hat/gloves ect), make sure the house is clean and call it a day. I mean for real, he could do nothing for 24 hours and be fine. Get a few movies, order pizza and then I will be back.
Looking forward to a small get-a-way.........
Here's the other thing that really burns my arse. He was off for a few weeks, and during those weeks he decided to fix a crack in our ceiling. Well, I came one day to find the ceiling fix (yeah), but he had gotten carried away at attempted to fix every small inperfection on every wall on my top floor. Every wall on my top floor has a big white spot of spackel on it - omg. He started painting one of the 6 walls that now need to be re-painted. Last weekend I said to him let's work on this a few hours on Sunday. His response ' not with the kids home.' I looked at him sideways ' when do you think we are going to get this done? The kids are always home.' He just shrugged his shoulders and responded ' I guess the next time I have a few days off.'' OMG.

In my mind we could spend an hour or two each night getting some of this done, and as far as the kids go - hell, let them help. They will get bored and find something else to do in less than 5 minutes. So two years ago he laid me a wood floor - looks beautiful. However he never laid the trip, he was waiting to paint. So now I have spackeled walls and no trip. He is known to start projects and NEVER get them done - it drives me bonkers. bonkers!

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Farrell said...

Sounds like a typical male reaction and makes me glad I'm single, I'm sorry to say.

I'm GLAD you are going on a girl's weekend - you deserve it; hell, you NEED it.


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