Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Just in case you were wondering I am ready for 2009 to be OVER.
It has seemed like the year from hell.
Yes, folks...H.E.L.L

Lets run thru the short laundry list
-recession, has kicked our arse, and drained our savings.
-Rylan's surgery, need I say more. *he is a total rock starr, and we are glad it is over.
-family, friends, pressure, work ect.; my way of being generic.

Here are some most recent events that continue to support my thought that 2009 has sucked.
A week ago we got a call that Lance's mom was in the ICU - in Texas. Can we say hello emotional overdrive. We did not hope on a plan and make our way to Texas, we waded thru phone calls and updates. Well actually he took them all, and only dispensed the information after hours of prying and begging. After a week or so it has been determined that she will need oxygen on a full time basis and over all is pretty healthy. Whew!

In the back of my mind my thoughts were as follows ' this was the only year, in 8 years that we did not trek down to Texas for some sort of vacation. Hello, ONLY year...and if Lance's mom passes away and he did not get to see her, he may never forgive me.' 'But hell folks, we did not take a vacation at all, we stayed put and paid our bills. dear heavens.

Yesterday I took off work, yeah that job of mine in which I have minimal to no days - because I just started. I took one of those non-existing days and did two major things.
First I took Rylan to the ortho and after I chopped off my pinky finger and signed in blood we had his braces taken off and were issued a bright green, glow in the dark retainer. Oh, and on top of glowing in the dark it had a penguin graphic on the bottom of it. Can we say WTF.

Whatever happened to the bubblegum pink ones that they issued?? You know the plain jane ones that everyone took out at the lunch table, wrapped in their napkins and invertible threw away and had to dig thru the trash to find.
Now they have upgraded to a whole phamplet of colors and graphics that your kid gets to choose, and you owe and arm and a leg for. And they give the phamplet to the kids, no warning to the parents - i could not have asked for the plan jane one if I wanted to.
I did this before 10 am.

Right after this I dropped his butt off at school, without his new retainer. Which was a whole conversation in itself. He only has to wear it at night, so NO you are NOT taking it to school. I don't need the damn thing broken or lost before it is even 24 hours old. He was mad, I didn't care and we called it a day.

I trucked down to the hospital to be with my husband, his brother, a step sister and my FIL. My FIL was having heart surgery, but they didn't know what kind until they got in there. So one week it is my husbands mom, the next it is his father. I know it comes with the territory of having parents that are close to 80 yrs old, but that does not provide much comfort. Lance did not sleep at all Monday night - I know he was nervous about his father. As usual we did not talk about it, he never does, and since it was his emotional roller-coaster, I decided to allow him the luxury of dealing with it in his own way. Which is to ignore it, not sleep, watch crap tv and pray for the best. I made just as they were wheeling my FIL back for surgery. I met him in the hallway, kissed his cheek and gave his hand a soft squeeze.
We sat in the waiting room, looking out the window at the wonderful day and waited. We attempted to make small talk, thumb thru crappy magazines and waited for the bat-phone to ring in the corner. The call came, my FIL would be fine and they did not perform surgery. Actually, they did nothing. Which raised it own set of concerns. WTF - he just had chest pains friday and saturday. He is short of breath, his color is off - the list goes on and on.
Nothing, yes folks - that is right they ran a scope up his leg to his heart, so the flutter but did nothing. As a combined unit we were agast. My FIL was at the hospital at 9 am and sent home by 4pm. I am still a bit leary of it all, but we are just going to have to take it one day at a time.
As a side note, today marks the 2nd year anniversary of the day he lost his dear wife Nancy. The family tells us that my FIL has been wearing her sweater around the house for the last few weeks, clearly it is a womens sweater - clearly he is a man, but I assume it helps him feel close to her. Sad does not begin to describe how he feels since she died. He has prob aged a good 15 years in the two years since her death. The fact that Lance could lose both of his parents between today and next 5 years is very real and very sad. Anytime we get a phone call we are placed on alert and emotions run high.
Yesterday around 6pm we both took a moment to breath a sigh of relief, it maybe short lived, but we will take what we can get.
So yes folks, I am ready for 2009 to be over, I am ready for the news to stop talking about the flu and damn swine flu. I am ready for the recession to be over and for my husband to get back to work. I am ready to stop going to the damn orthodontist every 6 weeks and paying thru the nose - although his teeth do look 'pretty'. And damn it is only Wednesday..............who knows what else the week might bring.

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Farrell said...

All I can give you from my computer is a great, big virtual hug.
And a very large, very strong, virtual margarita.
hang in there, hun.


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