Thursday, October 29, 2009

New terms -

So as we were sharing stories about our kids this morning at work, over coffee one of the ladies said 'have any of you ever heard of a bu-thigh (buh-thigh)?'
We all looked at each other, our brains churning trying to recall if the doctors ever mentioned an issue with a bu-thigh or trying to determine if it was some new crazy virus.
In our morning haze, we all came up blank.....blank, and still blank.
Well, apparently it is alot like cankles - you know the cross between your calf and ankles. I know I had them twice, one with each kid. No one could tell where my calf stopped and my ankle began. And today I learned that I have a bu-thigh as well.
This is where your butt meets your thigh and no one call tell where one ends and one begins.
As side from being a little depressed about the conversation, and not feeling like this is a term I ever really wanted to learn I gave a little thought to my back-side.
Which folks is in sad shape - no need to go ahead and coin a term for it.
I've decided there is one indicator that you have officially moved beyond my butt to my thigh. Hello! the saddlebags, these are not located in the butt area - they are carefully placed on the side and are encouraged by each and every calorie filled bit I take. (Hello cheeseburger from Helen's this afternoon). So next time GenY, Z or whatever this generation is called decided to come up with a new term - think hard, because it may sound funny now, but one day you too will be 30 and up and you will eventually get a bu-thigh to match your sag, wrinkles, and cankles.

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