Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Baby Einstein

So by now everyone has heard that Disney is going to refund anyone who bought a baby Einstein video between 2000 and 2005; which by the way would be a ton of people I know - Including myself.
Of course we bought the video's, we watched them - hello bold colors, random movements and silly sounds. My household rather enjoyed them, my son found them to be interesting and they did keep him occupied for a good 10 to 20 minutes - which is mommy world, equals relief.

Hell, I would pop in Porky's if I thought it would give me 10 to 20 minutes of relief during the baby, toddler stage. As a consumer, as a parent and as a semi-level headed adult, I never imagined that the videos would actually make my child smarter or create the next Einstein. I found them to be a better option then the Ed, Edd and Eddy cartoon their father insisted on watching. I found that 8 years ago I could tolerate the videos better than Barney the big purple turd. Because during those day, no I did luv barney, and he did not luv me - we were not one big happy family. In my mind Barney was worse for kids than crack, who in hell thought up a big purple monster that was designed to annoy parents and delight their kids all at the same time.

The Baby Einstein videos on the other hand, never held a topic long enough for it to make much of a difference. Which seems to be part of the recent complaint against their maker - in a nutshell (I think) some are indicating that these videos helped to contribute to short attention spans and semi ADD behavior. Right now I am sighing with a big WTF. That is a bit of a stretch, for REAL. My son's attention span is not longer or shorter due to the damn video and his ADD behavior comes from his father, just like very other character flaw he inherited. That is what happens when you breed with a delinquent - duh.
But just like his twitchy father, he also inherited his softness and ability to play alone -twitch and all (ha, I kid). I get so tired of the 'sheeple' concept - I stole that work from Jamie Allman 97.1 - hello mass America acting like sheep. I was one of those sheep, I bought the damn video. But in hopes of it doing anything other than buying me the precious 15 minutes of down time. But I refuse to jump the bandwagon and demand a rebate for a video that we utilized and enjoyed.
Come on America have we no boundaries anymore. Where is the ownership for our own actions, did you really think your baby would be smarter?? Look at your significant other, check your gene pool - if you want smarts, try an upgrade in that area; not a damn baby video.
Next we will be attributing Pyper's nakedness to the fact that I watched too much Brett Micheal's Rock of Luv, because we all know that the participants are perfect role models.

I am also slightly stunned that Disney is going as far as they have with this issue, such as you can get a rebate even without a receipt. WHAT? Why not just say something like the advertising was a 'stretch' - which is sort of ironic, because folks, that is advertising. Not everything is true. I know 'gasp' - your teeth will not be whiter just by using the $2.00 toothpaste, and your waist will not be smaller by just utilizing colon cleanser. No your teeth are stained, use a treatment and you will spend way too much time in the bathroom w/ your colon cleanser and your butt will be raw, but your fat cells - well still the same.
I am done with my soap box, thanks for the rant - i feel better :)

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