Tuesday, September 18, 2007

2 am is for Sleeping!!

Yesterday, turned into a marathon day.

I left work at 1pm to take Rylan to an emergency dental appt. Emergency because his front (baby) tooth looked YUCK. It has been trying to come out, and by yesterday it looked gross.

So I made arrangements to see the dentist and off we went. The final outcome - the dentist pulled the tooth. Right there....ugh! While Rylan is sitting in the chair I am secretly cursing Lance. I HATE the dentist. I have terrible childhood memories of our family dentist. Anyway, Rylan is terrified, you can see it in his eyes. I am trying not to be terrified too......then the dentist brings out the needle. I feel faint, green, sick....ugh. But Rylan is looking at me - I manage a slight smile and we hold hands. (not me and the dentist, me and Rylan).

The needles touches Rylan's gums and he winces, tears begin rolling down his face (big croc tears). UGH. Finally, Rylan is numb, but not after some trauma. Finally the doctor pulls the tooth. My world would have been just fine if never had to see or experience this one....

The needles, the scraping, the crying .... The nurse was polite, she said 'Rylan you did great, and mom not so bad either.' I manage a smile, but secretly I am thinking * I hate you too..

Rylan gets a tiny blue treasure chest to place his newly pulled tooth into. It is for the toothfairy. Rylan's tells the dentist ' I am sure the toothfairy will bring me 15 trillion dollars for this one, I went thru a lot'. I snicker 'Boy, I sure would like to meet your toothfairy. I would lose all of my teeth for the prize.'

Off we go, to the store, to pick up Pyper and then home to begin dinner.

Lance gets home only to report that he will not be working tomorrow. Everything is NOT in order. I am too busy to have that conversation, but it is pending.

I have to leave by 6:30 for night meeting at work. I wish that was code for Happy Hour, but it really is a meeting. The meeting last until 10:30, I am home by 11.

I walk in the door round the corner of the kitchen and peer into the living room. I expect to see Lance asleep on the couch and the kids in bed. But, NO, but peer is met by two pairs of beady eyeballs looking back at me. I am stunned - Lance and Pyper are up watching TV.

Pyper sees me and begins crying. I scoop her up (still in my work clothes), and being rocking her back to sleep. 15 min later, I take her downstairs, place her in her bed and begin looking for Rylans tooth. The toothfairy must do her job before she goes to bed, otherwise it might not get done. I search and search, lifting his head, grabbing the flashlight. I get upstairs and question Lance ' Where is Rylan's tooth??' Lance 'I dont' know, he fell asleep on the couch and I had to carry him down to his bed.' I look in all the familiar places, alias, NO tooth. I am frustrated, but tired. So I go to bed.

At 2am I hear foot-steps upstairs. (Mind you, we ALL sleep down-stairs. ) I roll-over and look at Lance, who is snoring and say 'thank god I don't think some one REALLY broke into our home'. He never even flinches. I drag my butt out of bed and I am met on the stairs by a sniffling 6 yr old - Rylan.

Me ' What are you doing???'

Rylan "I cannot find my tooth, I did not bring it to be with me'

Me ' Where did you have it last?'

Rylan ' on the couch in the cover'

Me (thinking *Of course you did). ' Let's go look'.

We look and there it is a small blue treasure chest with a tooth. Ahh, problem solved.

Rylan gets back in bed, and puts three pillows on his bed *to keep it safe.

Somehow he knocks the tooth off the bed and now it has fallen and the treasure chest opened.


I find the chest but not the tooth. I am getting mad*. This damn tooth has haunted me all day and now it continues to haunt my night.

Rylan beings sobbing. UGH. I run upstairs grab a flashlight, and tell Rylan if you wake your sister up I will KILL you, so shhhh.

I begin search the floor (at 2:30 am) for a tooth. I am cursing under my breath. I cannot find the tooth....I find EVERYTHING but the tooth. Finally, I place a bead in the blue treasure chest and tell Rylan the tooth is safe but *Do Not Open the Chest, for fear we may lose it. I stress again *Do Not Open the Chest ( thinking - because you will freak if you find out it is not really a tooth). Now please go to bed.

I crawl in bed and I am met by small feet and tiny hands - it is Pyper. How in the hell did she end up in my bed. UGH. She is instantly drawn to me, and begins pulling my hair. At 3am, it hurts. I use a 'tone' with her -stop it!! About 10 minutes later I place her back in her bed (where she belongs). At 5:30 Lance gets up, as usual. He wakes me up to ask about the tooth. I sit up ' Are you kidding me....I am tired, figure it out. I was up all night and now you want to wake me up. The gods must be punishing me. Please just find $5.00 and place it under his pillow.

Lance ' how did it end up under his pillow'.

Me 'We were up at 2am. Leave me alone!!'.

Note to self - 2 am is for sleeping........

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