Thursday, September 13, 2007

Over the fence.......

Rylan has started talking to the neighbor girl 'Erin' over the fence. Erin lives next door. The whole situation feels very 'Dawson Creek'. They are both 6 yrs old, and at this stage it is 'cute'.

Erin sits on her side of the fence, in her back yard, with her head-phones on, singing Carrie Underwood 'before he cheats'. That seems to be Rylan's que...he hears her squealing outback, and off he goes. He says he needs to water the tomato plants (and he does), but there are double intentions. He sees her, she sees him - and they both light up.

I spy thru the window - (don't judge, you WOULD too).

Erin has two dogs, who are also out-back and Rylan begins playing ball with the dogs over the fence. Then they move on to being silly - Rylan hits himself in the head and Erin laughs. (Dumb boys - it apparently starts early). I ask Rylan all the time ' Why are you hitting yourself.' He never has an answer, but in true girl form, the same action makes his sister squel in joy.

Anyhoo.....Rylan and Erin begin talking, laughing and figuring out who is going to come into who's back yard, so they can play together. I smile inside, it really is too cute.

Suddenly, I hear Erin "Do you have blue toes?'

I see Rylan back away from the fence, he is embarrassed (which is not hard to do....). He does not answer her, he acts pre-occupied with his stick and the hole he is attempting to dig.

Once again Erin in her very girl voice ' You have blue toes' giggle, giggle, giggle.

I too giggle inside. My twelve year old niece Courtney painted them two weekends ago, convincing him they would be COOL. As I stare out the window, I laugh...she is commenting on his toes, never mind that Rylan has a 4 inch Mo-hawk. The toes really are just the beginning.

Finally, Rylan's face is red and he responds 'Yes, and my DAD use to wear Orange.'

(Which is true - Lance had every color under the sun, and would paint them on a regular basis. Ha. ). So there! Rylan is now as cool as his dad. Then Rylan spouts off - 'My dad also has tattoos, my mom has one too'. Erin wrinkles her nose, no brownie points for you.

I am sure any girl who listens to Carrie Underwood, would not appreciate his parents body art.

Rylan moves on quickly ' so, do you want to play ball in your yard or mine'.

Erin, 'in mine, but watch out for dog poop'.

- I found a life lesson in this one 'You can always come over, but watch out for the dog poop.'

We all have a back-yard filled with dog poop of some kind or another. So tread lightly.

Rylan screams from the back yard '!!!

I act busy....I make him come inside. (don't JUDGE!), it is all in good fun.

He stands at the door, bare foot. 'Can I, Can I - go into Erin's back yard and play'.

Me 'Of course you can, but go get some shoes on.'

Rylan ' I don't need shoes'

Me ' Yes, you do. You could step in dog poop. And we don't need it squishing between your toes'. (visual...) ha!

Pyper in the mean time is too interested with the baby pool on the back porch to be interested in her brother and his new friend.

Rylan turns around quickly to shout to Erin ' Getting my shoes, then I will be over'.

She twirls around and acts busy.....

Rylan runs thru the house and grabs the first pair of shoes he sees - slippers.

I stop him 'NO, real shoes! Dog poop - duh!'

Frustrated......he scrambles back into his room. Like Flash Gordon he is back....out the door and in Erin's back yard.

Lance comes home. I motion him to the window, so we can both spy. Yeap, a simple converstaion over the fence turned into backyard play. (very Dawson's Creek - lance rolled his eyes at me).

We call Rylan in for dinner, I hear him say 'Erin see you tomorrow.'

Erin response' Tomorrow we will play in your back yard'.

And so it has begun..........from over the fence.

BTW - good news in our home. Pyper pooped in the potty. Of course it was at dinner time. So in true form, I called everyone into the bathroom to 'see'. ha!

Nothing like trying to eat and talking about poop. A day in the life of the DePew's - Awsome!!!

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