Friday, September 14, 2007

Um....dear husband, please pick a side.

Lance has been in 'dealings' with a new company. Actually, Lance has not, his boss has been on behalf of himself and Lance.

Lance said to me on Monday "it is 98% for-sure that we are leaving company A and going to Company B. It may be as early as next week'.

I must have looked stunned, because, he continued ' it will all be okay'.

I begin looking for the wine.....* you keep the glass, I will take the bottle please.

I turn around ' what is company A going to say?'

Lance ' who knows,but they prob won't take it well.'

I have a million things running thru my mind all of them along the lines of - ARE YOU NUTS...

But I refrain and simply state ' whatever you decided, I support you'.

(look at me, I am getting this wife thing down pat. That was a very 'wife' thing to say).

*But in my mind I am reminding myself that if I had to carry the household for a month or two I could; he would have to give up smoking and I will need to drink more :) . Then my mind moves on to such notions as - if it got really bad we could just sell the house, down grade cars and start over. I know I have an overactive mind, I get that from my mother. I inherited the 'crazy' gene.

I did not press the issue anymore, I figured when the time came we would talk again.

So last night, Lance returns home from class around 8:20. He walks in with this deer in the headlights look. He states' It is out, they know'.

I feel like I am having a conversation with a CIA agent ' Who knows what?' I ask.

Lance 'You know, the BOSS. They called right after I got out of class to ask me if I was going to leave.'

Me ( my face falls, I feel sick) ' What did you say?'

Lance ' I scrambled, and eventually I said Yeah, maybe. Then they said they would like to talk to me first thing in the morning. '

Me ' Well at least you did not get fired'

Lance ' No, but my boss did - you know the guy that is also going to Company B and taking me with him. Well, they called him too and told him to show up tomorrow ready to turn his stuff in.'

Me 'Oh.'

Lance ' Company A will prob offer me his job'.

Me 'Oh' ( you know I am stunned when I only use one word sentences).

Lance ' that could mean more money etc'

Me (now I have regained my composer) - '
Me - Lance, you and I both know that you made a commitment to your boss that just got fired, and you are going to Company B regardless of the risk.
Aside from that, if you said you are going to Company B, then you are only as good as your word. So put on your game face and be prepared to play ball with Company A.'

Lance 'I know'. (his face portrays internal struggle).

We had pizza and beer last night, and even that did not lighten the mood. Lance barely ate or slept. He woke up at 4:30 this morning, unable to sleep. As he tried to creep out of the bedroom, I whispered ' since you are up so early, you will have plenty of time think about where to take me to dinner tonight, since Misty is keeping our kids'. He laughs lightly (lightly because Pyper is also in our bed).

Around 8am I call him. I cannot stand not knowing what is going on.......

Me ' hey'

Lance ' Hey'

Me 'don't play games with me, what the hell is going on? Are you at work?'

Lance 'Yes, and they offered me the MOON to stay'. Me (thinking) * did you say yes!!! Imagine what I could do with MOON -vacation, shopping etc.

Me ' How did it all fall out?'

Lance ' I told them no, thanks' You can tell he was semi-struggling with that one. The offer must have been really good.

Me ' good job.... does that mean you are working all day, and still have job on Monday?'

Lance ' As far as I know'.

Me ' Well you got paid today, so where are we going to night' *I need a drink.

Lance deflecting the question: 'gotta go, work issue'. click.

To complicate matters - because we are not happy unless there is drama.

I am switching babysitters. The new sitter, just happens to be, Lance's boss's wife. Yeah, the boss that is taking him to Company B and just got fired yesterday.

If I lose my new sitter over this fiasco, I will kill both of them.

So this week I had to break the news to my current babysitter that she will be losing my kids on the 28th. That did not go too well, so I cannot wait for this situation to be over.

While I was bring my kids to their current sitter this morning, we hear a song called 'the booty song' on the radio. It says things like ' big booty, small booty, wide-booty, double wide booty, old booty, tired booty, booty, booty ' You catch the drift.

My son walks into the sitters house singing 'big booty, wide booty' and Pyper is behind him trying to memic the words 'bbyty, bbty' . OMG.

From jobs to butts........what a fulll life we lead. I tell Rylan to sshhh. He gives me that 'why' look, I shoot back the 'because I said so look'.....

I kiss them and head out the door, one foot out the door and I hear Rylan tell the other little boy I heard this song this morning 'big booty, small booty, wide-booty' - giggle, giggle.

OMG. I imagine I will get a call from school today asking me to pick up my son. ;)

Lastly, my children are going to my sisters tonight (thank you). Then tomorrow night I will have her kids, we are planning on having a bon-fire, we will roast hot-dogs and have smores. Yum. Our household will have 6 or 7 kids (depending whether or not Courtney shows up). I have decided to call them the seven dwarfs - it fits them. Our home will be Crazy, but good.....

We don't fear crazy, we invite it!!


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